The 2nd Darkness - Breaking

The Second Darkness is a time of destruction, also called the Breaking. 

Tanthraxus Dominion. Born to humble beginnings, he began life as a paladin of good, a protector of humanity. But he fell from grace, turned from righteousness and birthed the dreaded Octocult. Intent only on conquest and dominance. Then he discovered within himself an immense power, the power of the Creator, but his frail mortal body could not hope to wield such might.

Thus he constructed a spell capable of freeing him of his mortal coil, but the cost would be immense. To fuel it he would need a terrible amount of energy. So he redoubled his efforts to conquer – now towards a much darker end – in the death of every living thing he would find the energy he needed. 

Likely he would have succeeded in his plan but for the rise of the Company of the Dawn. While the lord of the Octocult focused on the destruction of life, the Company traveled back through the veil of time and slew him when he was but a child.  

The actions of the Company of the Dawn were the salvation of the world, but they caused a tear in reality leading to the Breaking. Time unraveled, for what had so far been done, could not be wholly undone as it was done by powers far greater than even time itself. Shockwaves of energy rippled out. Things changed. 

A long period of darkness eclipsed the world, the Second Darkness. 



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