Traditions of Morguul'Thelkanis - Polytheistic

Little-known until the time of Sundering, the Traditions teach of forbidden lore better left unknown, lore whose very learning drives the mind insane. Taking their name from the infamous Book of Morguul’Thelkanis, the Traditions are a hodgepodge of blasphemous rituals and forbidden lore collectively referred to as the Traditions of Morguul’Thelkanis, or just the Traditions for short. These supposed truths are so jarring that to simply learn them leaves a mind broken, even the strongest of personalities can only hope to stave off this insanity for a time. 

The Traditions have powers and deities, but these are not well known. They are referred to collectively as morguul by the people of Korinth, a term that refers to the gods, as well as nightmare creatures. No one openly worships the morguul and civilized people everywhere stamp out its worship when discovered. 

The Traditions also have no central faith, no symbol representing their religion, nothing that ties them together at all, except the study of esoteric lore damaging to the psyche. The Book of Morguul'Thelkanis itself is just one of many such works. It happens to be more well known than some of the others that include titles such as the Necronomicon and the Collections of Khazar'Sha. All of these tomes deal with pieces of the Tradition and in many cases outright contradictions appear.


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