Venom - Neutral Evil

  • Symbol: The 8-pointed star of the Octocult, filled with shadow. Inside are two glowing dire-red eyes and the glinting blade of the Sword of Kas.
  • Titles: Shadowlord, Daemon Champion of the Company of the Dawn, The Hallowed Daemon, Agent of the Octocult
  • Domains: Trickery, Death
  • Avatar: Venom assumes one of two avatars. The first and most common is his Elven form, that of his mortal body before his ascent. His second form is that of a small girl of maybe 8 years. She is unwashed with long, black, stringy hair that partially covers her face. She wears a tattered, dingy dress and walks barefoot. In her left hand she drags behind her, almost absent-mindedly, the sword of Kas.

Venom was the god of shadows, stealth, and assassination. It was also rumored that he took control of the portfolio of Death, though the details remain a mystery, and it is certain that the Raven Queen would have something to say on the matter. He sat upon his blood throne in Shadowspire, located in the Gray Wastes. The worshipers of Venom were rogues, thieves, assassins, and others that plied there trade under the cover of darkness, or those that strike from the shadows. His most devout would develop red eyes, some to the point of glowing softly in darkness. Worshipers of the Shadowlord adhered to the following tenants:

  • Gain power by whatever means necessary. Power gained by those that worship increases the power of the Shadowlord.
  • Destroy the agents of Vecna wherever they are encountered.
  • Form alliances, for alliances increase the power of the church; but remember that alliances should always be in favor of the church, and are never to be fully trusted.

The Death of Venom

Venom was slain by Neckroth, wielding Quin-Slon, in his quest for ultimate power during the 3rd Age. Many worshipers of Venom turned to other gods (many to Asmodeus) in an effort to retain their power and spells. Others abandoned the faith. Very small groups of followers kept their faith and continue to worship on the hopes of his return, wanting to be among the "true believers" and gain his favor if he is ever restored to glory.

In The World Today

Rumors had circulated through the faithful that Venom yet lived, possibly trapped in the lower planes. These tales were strengthened by the revelation that a band of powerful adventurers, lead by the Company of the Dawn, had discovered the reason for the disruption of magic and restored it to the realms.

A Brief History

Venom ascended from his humble beginnings as a member of the Company of the Dawn. During their many world-shattering adventures, the group grew in power and notoriety (infamy). Venom himself, through his exploits as well as his service to the Octocult  (specifically Tanthraxus), became quite formidable. Exceeding as a rogue, he later acquired the dreaded Sword of Kas as well as becoming a powerful Yugoloth.

Quite expectedly, Venom ascended to godhood. He wrested the portfolios of Shadow, Stealth, and Assassination. It was also rumored that he took control of the portfolio of Death, though the details remain cloudy, and it is certain that the Raven Queen would have something to say on the matter. 

Venom's role as a god of assassination ended in an ironic twist, as the nihilist-god Neckroth backstabbed him with Quinselon, destroying his godly form. His essence, being Daemonic, returned to Gehenna and Venom was reborn, though lacking his godly power. Being a powerful Yugoloth, even more so than most Ultraloths, Venom commanded a small group of Yugoloths to attend to his needs, promising them power in return. Soon Venom set his eyes on regaining his former status. The first steps to this were regaining his prized weapon, the Sword of Kas. To this end, Venom bargained with powerful Devils of the Nine Hells, offering his services as a general in the Blood Wars in exchange for the return of his priceless magic items. Leading his team of Yugoloths, Venom found himself very proficient in quick-strike, hit-and-run engagements. His success ensured that his "deals with the devils" went smoothly and helped him deliver his promise of power to his Yugoloth band, buying their tenuous loyalty. 

During the 4th Age in the Year of the Dawn, the Company was mysteriously summoned to Eshaam to defend Namuul Somba's people from raiding attacks by the Zun. Defeating the Zun and following their trail lead the company to an area with markings of the Octocult. The group found the area to be defended by a vampiric Solar. After a hard-fought battle, the group came upon Tanthraxus. The fallen-paladin-turned-necromancer was hell-bent on ending all of existence. He invited Venom, Zalintar, and Serpos to stand at his side while he completed his destructive task, but the idea of aiding him in the eventual termination of all of existence was a strong deterrent, regardless of the promised power. The group moved against Tanthraxus, but before they could take up arms, Tanthraxus summoned "The World Devourer", an enormous worm-like god, then fled. The Company of the Dawn and it's associates conquered the bestial deity, then began the task of reversing the drain of magic from other worlds, part of Tanthraxus's plan to garner enough power to destroy all of existence. The process was expected to take several years, but time is meaningless to an immortal...

The Sword of Kas

When Vecna grew in power, he appointed an evil and ruthless lieutenant, Kas the Bloody Handed, to act as his bodyguard and right hand. This despicable villain served as adviser, warlord, and assassin. His successes earned him Vecna's admiration and a reward: a sword with as dark a pedigree as the man who would wield it. For a long time, Kas faithfully served the lich but as Kas's power grew, so did his hubris. His sword urged him to supplant Vecna so that they could rule the lich's empire in Vecna's stead. Legend says Vecna's destruction came at Kas's hand, but Vecna also wrought his rebellious lieutenant's doom, leaving only Kas's sword behind. The world was made brighter thereby.

The sword's purpose is to bring ruin to Vecna. Killing Vecna's worshipers, destroying the lich's works, and foiling his machinations all help to fulfill this goal. The Sword of Kas also seeks to destroy anyone corrupted by the Eye and Hand of Vecna. The sword's obsession with those artifacts eventually becomes a fixation for its wielder.


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