Vexstigia - City

  • Parent: Maaladorn
  • Population: 45,000 (23% human, 10% goblinoid, 8% dwarf, 8% half-elf, 6% dragonborn, 6% minotaur, 5% tenbo askari , 5% half-orc, 4% gnome, 4% shifter, 3% gnoll, 3% tiefling, 3% drow, 2% eladrin, 2% goliath, 2% halfling, 6% other)
  • Exports: Armor, airships, Elindran goods, guns, spices, weapons
  • Languages: Common
  • Districts:

Sitting between the islands of Minose, Greymirch, and Ur is the tiny island of Vexstigia. It has witnessed quite a lot of history, and has been many things including: a pirate hideaway, a gate-town, home to Razune-Khazar, and now a connection point between worlds. The island, and everything on it, was destroyed and turned into a smooth plane of glassy sand when the deity Perdition attempted to flee from the morguul by passing into Elindra. Then, just a few short years later, it became the epicenter of the Sundering, and the smooth glassy landscape was shattered as parts of the island fell into the ocean and parts of the ocean lifted out of the sea.


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