Way of the Creator - Monotheistic

Those who venerate the Creator follow the Way of the Creator, often called simply The Way. The faithful believe that their religion is the one true path to eternal rest. The Way is represented by a single holy symbol – a pair of lines forming two intersecting circles that go on without end in symbolism of the Creator’s incarnation as the Eternal One.

The only deity of the Way is the Creator himself although several archangels are presented here as well. These beings are not venerated as gods but faithful offer them prayers – in accordance to the teachings of the Way. The angels are all attributed portfolios similar to gods of other pantheons. These represent broad categorical areas that the Creator has given the angel authority to act. The angels do not have their own symbols.


The one true god and progenitor of all life.


  • Andar

  • Warden of the Church

Holy Sites

The following sites are holy to the Way of the Creator. 


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