Zalintar - Evil

  • Titles: the Dark Lord, the Prince of Torment
  • Symbol: Silhouette of a wolfs head
  • Realm: Smoldering Waste (Abyss layer 423)

Zalintar is a demonic lord that rules over the 423rd layer of the Abyss, a stinking cesspool called the Smoldering Wastes. From Blackclaw Castle he plots his next campaign. He has worshipers amongst all races but he favors gnolls above all others and he has a special legion of gnolls within the Smoldering Waste called the Blackclaw Legionaries that have been altered in much the same way as Zalintar and are now some mix of gnoll, dragon and demon. Zalintar leaves the bother of his cults to his high priest, a gnoll called the Hand of the Blackclaw. The worship of Zalintar is less of a religion and more a code of battle called the grash'noBal. It demands:

  • Weakness, mercy, love and compassion are for lesser beings
  • Combat, strength, warfare and killing are to be relished
  • There can be no compromise, he who is not your ally is your enemy

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