Religion - Faith

Many faiths have come and gone upon Korinth, and never has any one pantheon or religion claimed dominion. Common religions of the current age include: 


The faith that has sprung up around the new gods from Elindra is called Benevolence. These gods are worshiped not as progenitors of life but as saviors for in Korinth’s hour of greatest need they came from another world to knit Korinth back together.

Infernal Lords

Some devils and demons have extended their influence into the mortal realm.

Khimal and the Khime

A religion based on the words of two stone monoliths: the Khimal and the Khime that teaches judgement comes based on actions and honor.

Traditions of Morguul'Thelkanis

The Traditions teach of forbidden lore better left unknown, lore whose very learning drives the mind insane.

Way of the Creator

Venerating the Creator Tyr-Alaxus and espousing only a single true divine entity, the Way of the Creator (also called just the Way) enjoys support among nearly half of the civilized peoples of Korinth.


In addition to the larger, well established religions, there are innumerable other faiths active on Korinth. These range from cults worshiping devils such as Asmodeus, to followers of the Old Gods, to deities venerated only by a specific race. A few of these deities are presented below. 

  • Balrais

  • As the god of fire, war and savagery, Balrais is venerated by cruel and angry creatures.
  • Mazag

  • The god of massacre, darkness and death. 
  • Neckroth

  • The god of destruction, chaos and endings, Neckroth is worshiped as a primal force of nihilism.
  • Perdition

  • Perdition is the god of strength, evil, mayhem and disease. 
  • Sakamaran

  • Sakamaran is the lord of the deep and lays claim to everything beneath the waves of Korinth.
  • Shavas

  • Shavas is the god of law and chaos, and the balance between the two.
  • Venom

  • Venom is the daemon God of Shadows, Stealth, and Assassination.

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