The continent of Nuren is a world secluded from the rest of its planet by a torrential hurricane perpetually encircling the entire continent. No ships have ever made it through in either direction that anyone knows about, and no one knows anything about the world outside the continent.



Channel of Skulls

The only path between the mainland and the island city-state of Erkhamios.

Emonir Bay

The tides of commerce and control.

Isseulan Deeps

A reef of coral around the southeastern edge of Nuren.

Mountains of Lament

Dwarven Civilizations

Sea of Merokh

Sea along the northern border of Nuren.

Sea of Swords

Southeastern sea that feeds into the Emonir Bay.

The Iron Crags

Barren mountains devoid of humanoids.

The Spear

Island Mountain Range


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