Primordant - A new rebirth. Harsh and ancient.

Welcome To The World Primordant!The fractured  Monolith of the Heavens marks the borders from Krusish to the Deloponnese.

Ships weigh anchor and begin lucrative yet dangerous journeys between the Pale and Copper Spring Seas. Tsabils carry their belongings, lives, and histories along dusty avenues beneath brilliant blue skies. Thunder echoes between snow-capped peaks in Soullivaria as shepherds and livestock huddle below the deluge in the fog of the valleys. Soft winds and salt-spray bleach the monuments on the Deleponesse. In Jorldom, the menace of death looms in every avalanche, along every crevasse, near every snow shelf that threatens to plunge the unwary to the frigid shores below.

Mustadi lurk among the alleyways in Autumnshore, their dark eyes watching for muggers and worse, their oiled fur silent under their cloaks and cowls. Gathelik fisherman haul their nets along the sunny coasts of their island home. Saunean warriors, black hair shining at noon and their faces slick with sweat, take down caribou the height of two men, a fine feast for their celebration of new life. Minotaurs break bread and drink berry wine with hobs on the coast of Thule, a shipment of silver laden in exchange for a lost talisman of ancient power. Thin and towering cyclopts debate on the steps of Lochie Neth, their Ocrussian students interrupting at every opportunity.

The Dread Lord sits on his balcony in Fusillarch, his cold eyes smoldering with frustration at the nations to the west who have turned his attacks. Cultists of Rosemanis the False use illusions to place an imposter closer to power in Krajnarod. Power-hungry nobles meet beneath an oak to plot assassination in Nacjaseste, because blood is thicker than all else.

Throughout the lands, ruins remain hinting of a past filled with massive beasts and sprawling empires laid low by violence and time.

Far below the ground, dread and foul terrors lay buried deep.

Across the continent of Yutan, nations struggle to expand and evolve, religions toil to gain power through followers, and factions work tirelessly to sway the masses toward their causes, with no less than the survival of everyone and everything at stake.

The World Primordant is a world where the struggle is cyclical, the growth of forces ancient to the world and brand-new to existence. Hundreds of thousands of years pass, as the conflicts that repeat themselves build again to all-out war, with both sides facing and threatening extinction. 

The World Primordant is hostile, noisome, and oft-times ruthless, but it holds opportunity for any who dare to hear its stories and make themselves part of the legend. Features specific to the World Primordant are: 






The World Primordant comes from the minds of a combined seventy-five years of pen-and-paper gaming and nerd culture, as well as heavy drinking, heavy metal, and heavy sarcasm. We pretty sure there will be something for everyone.



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