Allowan's Plunge

The inverted hull of the vessel once owned by the dread pirate Allowan makes up the grand common room of this tavern situated at the end of a winding pier that juts out into the Moonglass Lake. Once a scourge of the waters and coasts for three dozen years, Allowan's Plunge was at last done in by the most mundane of enemies: storms in the center of the lake.

Bursting open and spilling the captain and crew to the jaws of sharks and beaks of lake squid, the Plunge was recovered by an industrious resident of Yellig Sig and hauled to the docks. First an oddity to be seen for a silver, then to be broken up by chunks and sold by the copper, the salvager finally sold the remaining hull to Prestoro Lumal, who used his considerable carpentry skills to fashion it into the tavern it is today.

Ownership, however, has changed hands many times, and the once curious tavern filled with odd artworks and trinkets has now become a usual hangout for mercenaries, ex-criminals, and caravanseri guards. The clientele is rough, if not murderous, and most decent folks stay away simply on principal. But it remains a place where a sword can find word of a job, and the news of the world as it truly is can be heard in the telling.



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