Cylopt - (Si’-klopd)


Cyclopt are tall and gaunt humanoids descended from the ancient cyclops from the Epoch of Giants. Their single eye and towering height are the only obvious link to their ancient kin.

Physical Description: Cyclopts, as a race, are tall and gaunt, appearing frail despite carrying an obvious strength in size. They have bald heads and a single eye with a dual pupil within. Eye colors are lighter, blues, greens, ambers and greys being the most common. Skin tones are pale as well, white and gray, despite living predominantly along the warmer northern shores. 

Society: Cyclopts are scholarly and peaceful, choosing an agrarian existence often. The bulk of their population resides in the Deloponesse, farming and herding, with a focus on learning and expanding their arcane abilites. Clothes and architecture lean toward the simplistic, functional yet proud. 

Relations: Cyclopts are curious about any and all races, pleasantly dismissive of their differences with other races. They are slow to build trust with the other classic and bestial races, and look upon humans as a parent would an awkward child. When they do make connections, those connections are hard to sever, weathering the roughest of storms. 

Alignment and Religion: Cyclopts are rarely evil, finding their natural footing on the dual understandings of balance and cooperation. Their tendency toward observation risks the spread of evil, but their efforts at community counter-balance their neutrality in observance of their surroundings with a willingness to push toward peace and understanding.

Cyclopts predominantly follow their theophilosophy centered on vision and magic. Rare cases see them stepping beyond their curiosity with the Shebolleth faith or the Nine Daughters and becoming patrons of their belief systems. 

Standard Racial Traits 

Ability Score Traits: Cyclopts are strong but frail, and excel in feats of the mind. STR:+2 CON: -2 INT: +2

Size: Cyclopt are Large size, gaining bonuses and penalties of that type. 

Base Speed: 20 feet. 

Languages: Common, cyclopt

Special Abilities: Divination Affinity: a cyclopt begins play with one divination ability (choose one effect word from either sense magic or sense alignment.) The cyclopt can use sense magic 3/day or sense alignment 2/day.

Illusion Resistance: the cyclopts receive a +2 bonus to resist illusions, as their keen eyes help them disbelieve what is not real.

Natural Spellcasters: Cyclopts receive a +2 racial bonus to Spellcraft skill checks.

Cyclopts have Lowlight vision 60’


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