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Deloponnese (dell-o-pohn-ees) is the peninsula that has been the home of the Cyclopts since time immemorial. It is a lush land that moves from the coast into rolling hills dotted with vineyards and sheepfolds. Lush fields of barley and cereals eventually make way to foothills and eventually mountains.

In almost every corner of Deloponnese there are ancient ruins more massive than any modern Cyclopt could build. Giants lived here millennia ago and their marks upon the land have yet to fade or erode.

The Cyclopts live in relative peace, with most being farmers, shepherds, and fisherfolk – as with most races of the world. But the Cyclopts have, by far, the largest percentage of its people studying the mystical and arcane arts. Every Cyclopt settlement of note has a looming tower that is dedicated to both study and defense. Non-Cyclopts tell tales of the land itself protecting the natives. Such rumors state that if any non-Cyclopt wishes to harm a Cyclopt on their own native land will be cursed.

The people favor robes and togas. Typically color and design give away a person’s rank or occupation. But that is not to say that the craftsmen and fisherfolk lack in wisdom for they will wear clothes appropriate for their profession while working.

Other than magic and magical items, the region is known around the world for its wine.

Cyclopts favor magic in battle. Many also favor hand-to-hand, spears and piercing weapons, and they are known for the use of a cestus to throw stones and grenades from range.

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