Population City 60,540

The capital of Iontia occupies a rise in the center of the largest oasis left in the country. Crowded and noisy, the walled city envelopes the hills, with the vast and looming towers of the Dread Fastness rising above all other buildings. Slaves and serfs till the countryside, filling the carts that stream back and forth to and from the other cities with vegetables, grains, and cages of livestock. Blockhouses crowd the roads and countryside, squat structures for housing and training troops that will become the front line for the expansionist aims of the Prelates and their Dread Lord. Within the city proper, temples to The Three are ubiquitous, crowded most days with citizens struggling to maintain the mandatory worship under the eyes of the Faith Inquisitas, bronze-garbed citizen soldiers and zealots that act as city-guard and church enforcers. The average citizen finds their day filled with hard work and struggle for survival, with many juggling three or four endeavors to fill their bellies and earn the favor of their masters.

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