Aisl-bullen - Extended family group of the djohame, usually consisting of two to fifteen families.

Aisil Saben - Undead Ooze.  The Death Cluster. The necromantic entity that combines undeath and the God Poison

"As clear as the Gaelwan" - understood; without question  The Gaelwan is the large river on the Gathelik isle of Airedune. It is noted for incredible clarity before the harvest season for peat. This saying is common among the isles and the eastern nations of the World Primordant.

Bachee - Hob word for child

Boch Sabosh - literally "God Poison"; any of numerous slimes, jellies, oozes, and puddings in the World Primordant that cause undeath

Brutel – mid-ranked torturer or executioner of Iontia

Bulkada - Multi-family tower houses of the djohame

"Cornelis never smiles on Rosemanis' wiles" - Deceit brings only bad luck. Often chanted by mothers to their children.

Etsarch - Regional governor in Iontia

"From Pale to Bitter" - Across the land; everywhere. From the Pale Sea in the west to the Bitter Sea in the east.

Ghek – Any of gathelik descent, especially fey, currently committed to Iontia’s aims of global domination.

Ghost Breath - Sickness that slowly stops the victim from breathing. Also, mist or fog, described as a threat or menace.

"Hit by a goat" - Jorldane expression describing one's surprise.

Illitoa - Large marshland mammals with ponderous bodies, long necks, and wide feet. Herbivores that average fifteen to twenty-five feet in height. Domesticated for burden and travel.

Long-child - Saunean term for old person

Meej - tent-town. A collection of tents and temporary structures for a tsabil. Plural meeji

Migot Sadjet - Black Pudding. The Black Exudation. The Ebon Mound. Creates intelligent undead,

Mosil Trunet - Gelatinous cubes. The Emerald Purification. Creates skeletal and exoskeleton undead

Muskmule - Oversized rodent native to the marshlands around Moonglass Lake. Averaging four feet high at the shoulder and weighing up to 1500 pounds. Bred as beasts of burden and for food

Nmok Saben - Grey Ooze. The  Ashen Scourge. Creates Zombie undead

Nolett Simm - One of the Cities Without Memory

"Open eyes and open skies." - may you and your community be vigilant and be safe. A cyclopt blessing before parting, the "eyes" in cyclopt context speaks of communities as one would need more than one cyclopt to have plural eyes. But it's meaning is clear enough and has been adopted by many other cultures, especially those that border Dellaponesse.

Peluonic – Follower of Prediata through coercion

Prediatic – Follower of Prediata through aggression

“Reining the stars" - Chasing the best without regard to the cost or effort. Ocrussian colloquialism.

"Rosemanis would never do anything to hurt you." - Ironic musing that one is being lied to or betrayed. Actually began life as a common prayer to the Lying Wife, it has become an everyday idiom among humans and the classic races.

"Rutted on my/your/our/their fours" - Screwed. Mid-continental colloquialism

Skrall – belonging to any of the many humanoids tribes now absorbed into Iontia and pledged to their cause

Statue - a derrogatory name used by non-cyclopts in Krajnarod to refer to cyclopts

Tangeleton - A small primate native to the continent of Yutan. they have large, round eyes, large, pointed ears, and prehensile tails. They are kept as pets and are strikingly intelligent animals.

Tsabil (za-BEEL) - A nomadic familiy or tribe in Kastea and Breistea, usually numbering fifty to one-hundred members

Vuolot Esder - Ochre Jellies.  The Pallid Enervation. Creates ghoul undead

Wantauri - Mysterious race preceding the lizard men in the Ssssillintith Swamp

"Whitestand wisdom"Gaining lessons the hard way; learning from painful experience. A saying that began with students who learned at the Lochie Neth in Ocrus, where the white ashen trees drop fronds upon those learning with potentially dangerous consequences.

Yutan - A large continent on the World Pimordant

Zlamin Duzs  - The Wraiths.  The Soul Breakers. Create incorporeal undead



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