The cultures of the World Primordant each have their own myths and stories of the creation of all that is. Some cultures tell stories of the people and cultures being born along with the world, while others portray the steps of evolution and growth of the World Primordant as windows and doors where their culture has suddenly or slowly seeped in, like stages being exchanged between acts of a play. Enemies find their narrative attached to one another's accounting, each generation adding layers of faith onto the tale until the truth has been set by simple belief.

Scholars have grown to refer to six distinct ages, or epochs, to describe the evolution of the World Primordant



Throughout the years, the World Promordant has seen the typical upheaval and discord inherent to life and society. Despotic usurpers, calculating monomaniacs, and even mundane politicians have set a table with conflict and invited their enemies to join them. 

  • The Bugbear War

  • Krajnarod's eight-year campaign to tame the tribes of the Sunscrape Mountains
  • The War of Light

  • The Archraven's reign of terror which began two centuries ago just recently ended

Historical Personalities

The Archraven : He tapped into the forces of life and death, bending them to his will and plunging a region into shadows of terror. It took half a dozen nations and thousands of blades to bring him down.

Failenn Rinn :  She led the call in Gathlean to bring the war to the shores of Guljak and end their aggression once and for all. And she never came home.

Gojo Mar: The Soullivarian mage disappeared as the War of Light reached it's turning point, and years have passed with no sign of his foul presence. Has he reached his secret goals? Or was his ambition his undoing?

Prince Koen Bonnicutt: Governor of the state of Sudao in the Bephalon Union. It's been reported ghost-breath took his life, but rumors swirl something more insidious is at work.

Lassiter Powell: Founding squad leader of the 303rd Hawkfoot Squad, Crimson Battalion of the Sunscraper Mountaineers. His murder is still unsolved, his grave still honored, the reward still held in the Regent Vaults in Autumnshore

Rosemond of the Colossus: Founder of the Knights of the Cloverian. What began with a half-dozen followers became a continent-spanning religious order

TowertailThis mustadi mercenary set back relations by centuries with his founding of the criminal Muik Kush. He was killed in Deadmind, taken by it's corrupted minions in an ironic twist. His legacy is one bitterly remembered.

Toyjan SimThe right-hand man of Gojo Mar, he foresaw his master's betrayal and made plans to carry his dark legacy to greater glory and success. His form was obliterated at the battle of Bristlestone Fort, but who's to say where the dead go when they die?



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