Krajnarod - KRAHZ-nuh-rahd

  • Parent: Nations
  • Capital: Autumnshore
  • Population: 814,300 (humans 80%, mustadi 4%, andra 3%, cyclopt 1%)
  • Government: Regency
  • Religions: The Nine Daughters
  • imports: Timber, ore, textiles, animals, livestock
  • Exports: Livestock, paper, food, books, jewelry
  • Alignments: CG, LG, CN

Life and Society

Krajnarod is ruled by the reagent Isonbardus the Harbinger, a distant cousin of the Lourde line currently sitting the throne in Nacjaseste to the north. He has little patience for his distant family and their propensity to skirt the rules of international diplomacy to get what they want, and much of the time taken by his ambassadors involves smoothing arguments between the Lourdes and the surrounding countries.

Krajnarod has superior soil and farming is the greatest industry they have, with collectives and cooperatives vying for the great markets in the hungry places near and far.

The nation’s cavalry is well respected and feared, and a trio of generals have made recent marks on history with victories against several nemeses including a renegade incursion by Guljak, the aggression of the Bepholan Union, and a foreign excursion successful in blunting Iontia’s attempts to gain a foothold in The Shimmering Wilds.

Major Geographical Features

Krajnarod is a nation that spreads out from the southern spur of the Sunscrape Mountains, sweeping across the plains next to the Copper Spring Sea (what others call the Bitter Sea).

Bordered to the North by the Kingdom of Nacjaseste, to the south by Soullivaria, and to the west by the remnants of the Bepholan Union, Krajnarod exists on a pivot, a nation used as a central hub for a large amount of trade, as well as a point of contentious diplomacy among several belligerents.

Crimson Plain
This vast steppe land rises hundreds of feet above the heartlands, an arid oasis amidst the wet farmlands below. Wild herds of horses dwell here, and massive migrations of antelope, rothe and deer flatten grasses that grow as high as a man. Wild cats and wolves stalk prey, and even larger animals gather for the abundant food and water. Evening time sees the setting sun spreading its red light across the plain, from the proud thrusts of the land to the west, across the steppes and mesas split by winding rivers, finally glaring from the mist as the waters tumble down great falls to the heartlands in the east.

Ironwash River
Splitting off from the western border course of the Landsever River, The Ironwash continues its journey down from the mountains across the crumbling foothills and mounds of the Crimson Plain, iron rich lands that bleed their rust color in the river’s water and give it its name. The river continues on through the heartlands of Krajnarod, overflowing twice a year to flood the surrounding plains and drive deep fertile fingers into the soil. Vegetables and even livestock have been known to take on a reddish hue during the heaviest rainfall years, and the ‘redfoods’ such floods bring are sought after as having special properties of health and fertility.

Munden Marsh
This bog covers a vast stretch of land in the northern part of Krajnarod, a great swamp that abuts the foothills of the Sunscrape Mountains. Springs and creeks storm down from the hills into the clay and sandy soil, filling the air with a stagnant stench. Wildlife abounds here, unmoved by the rumors of a cursed history and alleged ruins spread throughout the area of some ancient people who walked here long before humans did.

Sunscrape Mountains
Forming the northern border with the Kingdom of Nacjaseste, the tall Sunscrape range marches five hundred miles between the two nations, towering granite mounds that average twelve to fifteen thousand feet in height. The warm winds of coursing from the west spread across the peaks, bringing incredible storms and potent floods cascading down the mountain sides during spring and fall. While a boon to the security of the borders for the nearby countries, it is also the source of humanoid incursions and smoldering evil, and the foothills are given wide berth except by the most stalwart of citizens. Giants dwell in the higher and deeper parts, as do monstrous creatures and aberrations, food and sport for the many gnoll and bugbear tribes known to live in the area.

Important Sites

Autumnshore (Metropolis 46,310)

The capital of Krajnarod, Autumnshore is a large port city of incredible diversity in custom, people, and lifestyles. Known to many as the City of Scarlet Sands and to most hobs as the Red Bluffs, Autumnshore spreads out over a horseshoe shaped natural harbor with rust-red sand. High cliffs rise above the edges of the harbor, dominating the view around for many miles. In the curve of Autumn Bay, enormous pilings and piers allow for the offloading of even the largest of ships. Beside the harbor proper, great warehouses stand stuffed with goods being sent overland to the nations beyond or out to sea to ports in Ait, the Gathelik Isles, or beyond.

Further inland, city districts grow in great tendrils of roads and buildings that spread across the land. Neighborhoods closer to the water are mixed and diverse, and become more and more segregated the further from the bay one goes. Races find themselves segregating further, customs from homelands become carried deeper, and historical allegiances and conflicts even return as though the citizens had never left their homeland. There is no wall surrounding the city, and defense and peacekeeping is currently in the hands of the thousand-strong members of the Red Watch.


This reclusive and remote settlement of Munden Marsh folk has lay hidden in the shadows of the Sunscrape Mountains for many generations. Intergenerational inbreeding has stretched their population into the dozens over this time, as outsiders are as unwelcome as the offspring who have grown to the double digits and overstayed their welcome. Master survivalists each and every one, they are a considerable throwback to the earlier life of humans in a wilder Krajnarod, before civilization came to call and grow.

Pell Fall (City 11,435)

The city of Pell Fall straddles the Ironwash River on the lip of the Crimson Plain. The towers of the walled city look westward across the high savannas and east across the farmlands that spread across the nation down to the eastern shores.

Pell Fall began as an advanced trade and exploration camp of the agnethe that first landed on the continent three thousand years ago, and grew swiftly as the humans built communication, trust and relationships with the bestial races to the west. Growth has slowed the past hundred years, as the rise of the quarrelsome nations to the west have slowed the flow of trailblazing citizens to a trickle. The city still stands as a safe haven for any of the numerous towns and hamlets across the Crimson Plain, providing goods and services that otherwise would not be found in the smaller habitats.

Sunscraper Stonehall

Home of the legendary Sunscraper Mountaineers, this wide, flat, and somber building stands to the side of Cropweather Street in Tumblevale. With a single cylindrical turret rising from its center, the manse is headquarters for the squads and companies that patrol and foray into the Sunscraper Mountains. A constant stream of soldiers, materials, and support files back and forth from the roads and trails that lead to forward bases in the hills and mountains.

Peak Marshal Fenntank Kropsij keeps his staff chiefs here just about year round, planning tactics and logistics for pre-emptive strikes against the bugbear nations that pollute the Sunscrape Mountains. With the end of major hositilities in the ongoing Bugbear Wars, the Mountaineers continue their patrols to deflect attacks on Krjnarod from bugbears and gnolls, huge beasts and abberations, as well as any number of enemies deciding to use the mountains as their home.

The Stonehall (or, simply, The Brick, as some vets call it) can house roughly half the 4000 Sunscrapers currently on the rolls, but generally has five hundred to one thousand stationed here between missions and routine. The regent Isonbardus has the authority to call for the Mountaineers when needed, and recently requisitioned three hundred to stave off aggression by the Bephalon Union.

Tumblevale (Town 2,120)

The town of Tumblevale sits in a depression along the slopes leading down to  Yellowheath Valley. The Sunscrape Mountains rise up to either side of the town, peaks crowding among low clouds twelve thousand feet up. The town sprawls along the slope for a mile, with a pair of wide avenues serving as the main thoroughfares. Alleys and side streets criss cross these wider roads.

Tumblevale mainly serves a base for the Sunscraper Mountaineers, and depend largely upon the 'coin of the king' (or regent, currently) that comes to supply the soldiers and support their missions in the mountains. Most every business that has migrated here revolves around the Mountaineers, with little arable land nearby to support farming or herds. Trapping and prospecting attracts some, but the bulk of the visitors are passing through the valley to Nacjasetse or pressing their luck treasure hunting in the unforgiving trails in the nearby hills and  mountains.

Regional History

The Agnethe immigration onto the Yutan continent found itself bottlenecked along the shores of the current Kingdom of Nacjasetse, with landings all along the Whitelocke Coast choking the coast with new settlements all vying for space and resources. The bulk of the agnethe, especially those still clinging to their racial purity, would settle for nothing less than expansion into the coastal lowlands of the north, all the way to the foothills of the Sunscrape Mountains.

Those that were left out of the land grab ended up travelling further south, where the coast lands became sandy and rocky, with little in the way of arable land and stunning views. Patience, then, was a virtue best left for those who headed south, as well as a willing ness to work with the indigenous populations. Encountering saunean and gathelik settlements, the agnethe spreading across the southern coasts plowed inward, finding vast spreads of flat, arable land. A plateu to the west provided minimal defense, as did the mountains to the north, and the only enemy they found was their kinsman who had entrenched their xenophobic nation on the other side of the Sunscrape range.

A few generations passed and the heritage of the southern agnethe was mixed with several other races, and the idea of a ‘pure’ homeland was lost for good. The Kingdom to the north would not take their southern cousins back, and those who longed for a return to the past eventually found their way into the mountainous southern region that would become Soullivaria.

Founding the nation fell to a distant branch of the Lourde line that had come to power in Nacjasetse, a limited monarchy designed to simply unify for defense and keep the ambitions of their kinsmen to the north in check. The cities and towns that grew up in this new land of Krajnarod -an agnethe word meaning ‘mountain land’- were filled with mixed populations that nonetheless struggled for unity of race and creed.

A desire for freedom, more than anything else, has built Krajnarod to the country it is today. With no few lands surrounding them that have their own ambitions, and an ample farm land that entices them all, Krajnarod was forced to grow up quicker than most. Their fierce independence is tempered with patience built by their diplomatic challenges with belligerent states, and they continue to mature into a voice of reason in opposition to many other nations.

Adventure Hooks

  • The Sunscrapers are recruiting! Kiosks have sprung up in Yahwood, Trembleshore, and Autumnshore, enticing the adventurous and the destitute to try their hand at becoming one of Krajnarod’s elite. There are those who would take advantage of the naïve and stupid, though, and some of the recruiters are not what they seem.
  • An entire warehouse of pig iron has been emptied in Pell Fall. A sizeable reward is being offered for information to the iron’s whereabouts and the heads of the culprits.
  • A bullette hunt in the Iron Wood draws hundreds of participants every year. Apart from the side bets that see endless coin betting on propositions like first injury, first fatality, and total missing entrants, the long-standing prize of five thousand gold coins remains unclaimed for the hunter bagging the legendary beast folks call Hillgrave.
  • Bugbears, weakened and starving, have begun filtering down from the Ash Peaks and surrendering to the members of the Ash Brigade stationed in the foothills. They speak of a terror that stalks their encampments, something so dreadful as to drive them to the mercies of their enemies on the Crimson Plain
  • Three villages that squat along the Landsever River, each just a stone’s throw from the opposite shore and the Bephalon State of Honbier, have all been overrun by refugees refusing to be repatriated back to their state after the recent conflict. Resources and tempers are strained, and each village actively recruits outside help to control the mobs.

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