Krusish - KROO-sish

  • Parent: Nations
  • Capital: Krusair
  • Population: 418,200 (andra 40%, minotaur 20%, mustadi 20%, cyclopt 10%)
  • Government: Meritocracy
  • Religions: Mustadi, Totemism, Shebolleth, Cylclopt
  • Imports: iron, steel, clothing, gold, wines, spirits, books, dyes
  • Exports: rubies, pearls, food, livestock, sculpture
  • Alignments: CE, CG, CN, LN

Life and Society

“Enlightened savagery” was how the historian Melick Spur described Krusish during his speech to the Lochie Neth, and the truth is not far off. Krusish is a collision of cultures, a center-point of trade, scholarship, and philosophy among a people known for brutal behavior and ferocious habits. The bestial races dominate politics and the marketplace, balancing advances in life and business with the history of animistic behaviors and opposition to the spreading of humans and their beliefs.

Krusish is a renowned meritocratic society, a place where debate and insult are highlighted in the process of deciding on leadership and representation. These discussions can last for hours, be politely short, and even devolve into physical attacks based upon the whim of the participants and the audience. For the most part, local leadership rules all, with a college of scholars in Krusaur acting to record laws and customs as quickly as they are made or changed. Most long lasting rules have been carried across generations and generally govern family and tribal relationships.

Krusish depends greatly upon Harguth and Jordren as buffers to hostilities delivered by humans, especially Iontia, for the growing numbers of the human race that migrated to the World Primordant from other lands often sees a wealthy bestial nation the same as they see a cave full of bugbears: as a lair of villains to be butchered and looted. Building their relationships with more enlightened members of humanity, while keeping their grip on economic and strategic control between the Coalstain and Cloudspire ranges is the highest of Krusishian priorities. It is the Krusish merchant houses who hold the real power, and the resources that they are able to bring to bear are enough to impress their peers across the continent.

Major Geographical Features

Krusish enjoys a reasonable climate, protected from powerful storms by the surrounding mountain ranges, kept from Jorldom’s cold, and enjoying lush valleys and plains by the streams that tumble down from the Coalstain Mountains. Grasslands are plentiful and the views grand as the mountains color the sky to the north, west, and southeast.

The Cloudspires

These mountains run east-west across the northern border, separating Krusish from the Deloponesse peninsula. Long shunned for their hostile inhabitants, humanoid raiders and pockets of abberations are common even in the areas of the mountains closest to civilization. A few mountains even hold cities of giants and ogres, their domains carved in belligerence and theft. Hidden ruins and ancient crypts are recorded as well, sure bait for adventurers from all over.


A series of standing stones in the hills north of Hammerjaw decorates the area with massive sculptures and ancient languages graven on towering columns. Totems are routinely carved and delivered to the site in commemoration of treaties, marriages, births, and deaths, with graven images of all shapes and sizes staring out across the slopes of the hills. Several clans of wemics following the totem of the plains lion maintain this area, grazing sheep and keeping trespassers away even as mourners and celebrants take silent reflection among the pillars.

Important Sites

Highgrasses (City 11,893)

This open air city lies among the grasslands in the center of the nation. Bestial races of all kinds find their home here, and humans of all types are strictly forbidden. Dilapidated hostels far out on the plains are all offered to the despised humans, keeping their greedy and swiftly-breeding taint away from Highgrasses. The city is essentially a massive abattoir, the herds of the surrounding miles being raised for meat and brought by the thousands into the pens for slaughter and sale. During warm days, the smell of the city can travel many leagues, earning the nickname the City of Sour Twilight.

Krusair (City 26,075)

The operational capital of Krusish lies at the foot of the mountain known as the Harttower. Twenty-five foot tall walls surround the city proper, while a tremendous spread of settlements covers nearly a half-mile wide semi-circle to the east of the city. Trade is heavy here, with loads of goods coming through mountain passes and underground routes. Krusair is one of the few places in Krusish humans will not meet with disdain or outright hostility, and a fair number of Krusishian adventuring parties from the city make their living escorting humans across the nation.

The Monolith of the Heavens

Rising a thousand feet above the ground, this stunning structure lies on the border where the foothills of the eastern Coalstain peaks give way to valleys headed into the Deloponesse. It appears to be a leftover from a civilization long lost to the past, certainly a place of importance during the age of giants, judging by its size and craft-work. Birds nest in its heights, and a bridge town sees cyclopts, minotaurs, tasloi, and even hobs build works of grand artistic design in the name of the monolith. Several temples of all faiths are here, tapping into the mystique of the Monolith and those who visit.

Regional History

Adventure Hooks


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