Mustadi - (moo-stah’-dee)


Mustadi are as diverse as their smaller weasel counterparts. They are covered in fur ranging from black, brown, red, white, and, on rare occasions silver. and could be solid, striped, or spotted. Their eyes are typically dark brown and sometimes yellow. About half of all mustadi are small while the other half are medium-sized. But there is enough diversity that they have a variety of abilities.

Mustadi, giving birth to several small young (known as kits) at once, are used to large families and quite comfortable in crowds. Their greatest settlements are actually just grand bazaars above the larger labyrinthine warrens where they make their homes. Other races, particularly humans, have settled above the warrens, creating seasonal or year-round settlements to enhance trade between the species. They get along fine with most species, but the andra shapeshifters they are quite wary about. Are they man or animal? They seem to be in a liminal state that confuses the mustadi. This leads to distrust at best and outright hostility at worst.

They do not necessarily have their own nation anymore, but the oldest and most traditional mustadi still cling to the claim that all of the earth (specifically the topsoil they burrow into) is their rightful land. Most nations allow the oldest and longest-standing warrens and settlements a kind of sovereignty as separate city states. The following settlements are the most well known:

  • Great Warren of Muskhome (in the Saunea Confederacy) this is considered the oldest of the ancestral homes of the mustadi.
  • Great Warren of Oysterpearl (coast of Krajnarod) While these mustadi are not the best shipbuilders, they are quite adept at swimming and aquaculture. They farm fish, kelp, and a variety of shellfish in their underwater farms.
  • Great Warren of Richearth (in Iontia ) What was once the breadbasket of the mustadi city-states carried worldwide renown for its grains and tubers. But the theocractic dictators of Iontia laid the great warren to waste and ran the mustadi out by both starvation and strength of arms. It is becoming more frequent for young mustadi to try and explore Richearth’s abandoned underground warren as it still holds many artifacts and treasures of their people.
  • Great Warren of Stoneshard (in the Coalstain Mountains of Thule) These mustadi are known for their mining of coal, ore, and gems. They frequently trade ore with the minotaurs of Thule for their hunting needs.

They are a proud people that fashion trinkets from a variety of sources, particularly from objects found near their homes (seashells for coastal mustadi, rocks and gems from inland mustadi, etc.) Their whiskers are a sense of pride and while they do not grow beards, they may fashion them into elaborate mustaches. This may not be practical as it interferes with the purpose of the whiskers.

While all mustadi share a common ancestry and they live together in relative peace, there is unspoken tension between the smaller and larger folk. Stereotypes abound that smaller mustadi are not to be trusted while larger mustadi are ignorant. But to speak of these stereotypes in mustadi company is considered rude at best and mortally egregious at worst.

Darkvision: From millennia of living underground the Mustadi have developed darkvision with a range of 60 ft.

Mustadi skin: all Mustadi have loose skin and therefore receive a +2 racial bonus on all Escape Artist checks and a +2 racial bonus to try and damage an opponent while grappled as they can twist in such a way as to damage their opponent or wriggle free from an unwanted grasp.

Mustadi Burst: whether out of fury or desperation, the mustadi have a knack for speed just at the right moment. They have the option to add 10' to their movement 2/day but only as either a charge or a full withdrawl. This bonus movement does not stack with any other movement bonus magical or otherwise.

Small Mustadi:
Str: -2
Dex: +2
Wis: +2

2.5 – 3.5 feet tall

(replace halflings/gnomes)

Medium Mustadi:
Con: +2
Int: -2
Wis: +2

5 – 6 feet tall

(replace dwarves)

Mustadi Abilities (either choose one of these abilities that fits your character or roll randomly. If you choose, you can only choose one and not two abilities.)


  1. Webbed hands: +4 on swim checks and 20 ft. swim speed
  2. Large claws: 1d3 (small) or 1d4 (medium) slashing damage with unarmed attack and 20 ft. burrow speed
  3. Musk spray: 4/day can spray a strong-smelling musk that can nauseate foes if they fail a DC 15 + Con bonus Fortitude save. It also gives this mustadi a -4 on stealth checks when perceived by smell.
  4. Sharp teeth: 1d3 (small) or 1d4 (medium) piercing damage with a bite attack
  5. Tunnel-runner: a long sleek body lends itself to moving quickly in small cramped spaces; this mustadi does not take a penalty when sharing a space nor does it take a movement penalty for moving through a space that is no more than half of its space. (10 ft. to 5 ft.,5 ft. to 2.5 ft., etc.)
  6. Sensitive snout: the whiskers and nose of this mustadi are especially sensitive. The mustadi gains a +4 bonus on perception checks based on sense of smell and searching fine details on objects.
  7. Rage: when confronted with aggression these mustadi can rage as a barbarian power.
  8. Camouflage: the pattern on the fur of this mustadi make it hard to see when hiding, they receive a +4 bonus on Stealth checks when perceived with sight.
  9. Keen eyes: the mustadi gets lowlight vision 60 ft.
  10. Gifted mustadi: roll twice and ignore any rolls of 10.

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