Nations - The defined lands of The World Primordant

The World Primordant, while young, has nonetheless endured the pains of growth across it's lands. For thousands of years, the bestial and classic races migrated and settled, built their cities and nations and empires, and watched them collapse. Weather, animal migrations, geological upheaval, and the gods themselves shaped and influenced these countries.

With the arrival and ascendancy of humans upon the World Primordant, the nomadic and tribal patterns of society have been merged with those of city-building and permanent settlements. The fast breeding humans bring new knowledge and beliefs to the land, and the natives of the World Primordant are all to quick to learn and adapt to these emerging cultures.

From the east where the agnethe made land fall, and from the cold southern climates where the djohame and djotane arose alongside the Sauneans, the humans have spread, for good and for bad, across the continent.

Bestial races continue to segregate themselves from the humans, battling them outright when pushed,  The humans are still too new a force upon the land for their influence to fully threaten the cultures and lives of mustadi, tasloi, minotaur, or ettercap. But as humans war with each other, and the bestial races choose one side or no sides, the time for isolation among all of Primordant's races is swiftly coming to an end.

  • Ait

  • Hobs spread trade across the seas of the World Primordant
  • Bephalon Union

  • Fractured states that threaten one another as much as they threaten others.
  • Breistea

  • Plains country teetering on the edge of civil war.
  • Deloponnese

  • Peninsular region dominated by the cycloptic race
  • Gathlean

  • Four islands house an ancient culture of warriors and druids with fey powers and old magic.
  • Guljak

  • Abused wastelands of the militant hobgoblins of Ait
  • Harguth

  • Wilderness frames this land between bestial nations and belligerent states.
  • Hyarjecht

  • Agriculture and scholarship permeate this potent nation of achievement
  • Iontia

  • The brutal domain of the Dread Master and his loyal Prelates
  • Jordren

  • Nation of the djotane, forever fractured from Jorldom
  • Jorldom

  • Mountainous timberland in arctic climates
  • Kastea

  • Plains-and-canyon nation of nomads and exotic cities
  • Krajnarod

  • Coastal nation of growing power and benevolent spirit
  • Krusish

  • Powerful collection of merchant houses
  • Ocrus

  • Militant theocracy carrying divine mandate of war against Iontia
  • Phopronesse

  • Between classic and cataclysm, this tropical nation thrived.
  • Soullivaria

  • Valleys and mountains help wrap a feudal society in its traditional customs
  • Thule

  • Combined tribes of the minotaur nations
  • Ulkechar

  • Temperate lands filled with barbarians and beasts



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