Prehistory in the World Primordant

The World Primordant is marked by cycles, the endless turning of time around the rise and retreat of what the Saunean culture has named Boch Sabosh, the “God Poison”. Deep within the fissures of the world, beneath notice within the bowels of the planet, the great oozes and jellies that make up the God Poison grow and shrink with regularity along the cosmic scale. Countless progressions have seen these dreaded entities grow to mind-boggling proportions, continent-spanning creatures of a size unfathomable by the mortal mind. At their height, the oozes and jellies, slimes and puddings, all scour the earth of life, covering its surface until nothing is left alive. At last, they retreat, shrinking back down into the trenches beneath the land and under the abyssal plains of the seas, forgotten for millions of years.

Between these cycles, life returns, ever to find its way back to the surface, in the seas, and along the corridors and seams of the World Below. Ages and eons march past, the rise and fall of peoples, kingdoms, creatures, and cultures, all blissfully unaware of the menace that sleeps deep inside the world.

Inexorably, the God Poison begins its rise, its pace of expansion glacial even to a glacier’s reckoning, until once again the planet finds itself engulfed. Those around when this happens --and millions, if not billions, have witnessed the dying of their world-- truly see this as the end of days, the end of the World Primordant and all that exists, never knowing the dreadful path was paved countless eons ago, and that it will return time and time again.

Each of the cycles sees a unique trajectory for life in its awakening and maturity in the World Primordant. Different species may rise to domination, with the paths taken amidst the chaos of life itself defining the winners and losers through the countless centuries. Sometimes technology surmounts magic, other times neither gains the upper hand and both exist in stunted fashion beside one another. Continents find different shapes. Extinctions exact their toll. Even the God Poison is not immune to this interminable repetition. As inscrutable in its rise as it is in its retreat, it nonetheless never gains insight or benefit from its previous incarnations as it reprises its role as a global executioner.

Survival of the fittest, above all, decides the winners and losers, again and again in the astrological forever that the universe bestows.



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