Sure, we’re mutts and bastards. Every last one of us.

You want to plead your case for purity, one-eye? I though not. Turn back to your soup and let my voice not distract you further.

Skinny prig. Where was I? Yes…bastards and mutts. Mixed bloods and worse: folk that think they’re pure and they’re fake as an Iontian treaty. They just don’t know it.

You don’t see through generations of upheavals and survive by keeping to only your sweet, clean dainties. Whether you’re rolling in dust with the motley furbags in my warren, or you’re chasin’ your bloodlines to back before giants punched the hills and made our caves, there’s not a one of us without the blood of us all.

Not me. Not you. Not that smug statue sipping his broth. Not that vicious looking girl with the goatee, and not a single Saunean princess, my friend.

We’re bastards and mongrels and mutts, aye. No other way to survive.

-Tanbrowner Knuckletooth, right before the Saunean delegate vehemently disagreed...

Let's agree to disagree...

Primordant is a world that has been wracked by cataclysmic change, twisted by geological disaster, and shaped by historical populations of incredible diversity. Some races have had the luxury of evolving with a measured and peaceful tempo. Others were born of need during times of tragic upheaval. It has only been within the last three thousand years that humans have grown in knowledge, cunning, and power, and they still find themselves heavily outnumbered by the classic races (such as djohame, djotane, and cyclopt) as well as the bestial ones (mustadi, minotaur, tasloi to name a few).

The races that build their empires, ply their trade, and create their legacies in The World Primordant reflect the diversity the planet provides.

  • Andra

  • PC - Shapeshifting stewards of lycanthropic legacy
  • Cylopt

  • PC - Tall, gaunt, typically magic-wielding giants with one eye.
  • Ettercap

  • NPC - Shunned arachnid race, known by the Saunea as Unktoma
  • Hobgoblins

  • PC - Wiry, wary, and oft-times war-like, hobs and goblins have diverged in their evolution...
  • Minotaur

  • NPC - Bestial bovine race of traditional war and progressive spirituality
  • Mustadi

  • PC - Weasel-folk of numerous colors, origins, and dispositions
  • Tasloi

  • PC - forest-dwelling race
  • Wraiths

  • NPC - An ancient race that lives in an incorporeal limbo



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