Religion - Gods and Pantheons

Bestial races tend weathered open-air shrines deep in shadowed forests and stand sentinel in front of choirs thousands strong. Ships trail a mist of incense wafting from cabin-corners consecrated to the gods. Cities dedicate entire avenues to the incessant squabbling of the faithful. Entire nations conjure their dogma and doctrine alongside their policies and politics.

Lives are guided and nations driven with the gods kept as idle onlookers, benevolent allies, and even cursed meddlers. The powers that watch over the World Primordant and its citizens are demanding and fickle, haughty and selfish, warm and loving. In each pantheon, there are powers to guide any of the citizens of the World Primordant toward their destiny.

In the World Primordant, the gods are substantial. The gods have agendas only they know, and the truth of their intention could be as easily hidden in the folds of their belief as it could be brandished on their sleeve.

The Under-Chapel of the Saunea fills with the soft sound of the surf from the nearby Citrine Sea.

  • Romara

  • Anemic monotheism of the agnethe
  • Shebolleth

  • Once-forgotten philosophy of messianic salvation
  • The Three

  • A triumvirate of unquestioned evil.







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