Hailed as a mercurial, formless, and ancient presence of beneficence and mercy, Shebolleth was referred to in writings originally uncovered in the Syptstea Wastes about two hundred fifty years ago.  Found in The Catacombs of the Pyre, consistently a site for archaeological curiosity and adventurous endeavors, the twenty thin, cartilaginous plates with the ancient runes upon them described the periodic arrival of a messianic figure, merciful and good, divine and potent beyond the understanding of man, who would take all in the world into its embrace and bring everyone to a paradise of peace and enlightenment. Word spread and people began directing their worship to this singular ‘savior of all’, with some finding the power within them delivered by this unknown god or goddess. Shebolleth (or ‘one forgotten’) was the name applied and, while traditionally thought of as male, female aspects are preferred where women dominate the clergy.

The monotheistic followers who bend the knee to Shebolleth have grown in number recently, especially in Iontia, Ocrus, and through the Shimmering Wilds. Their temples and shrines have a free-flowing hierarchal structure generally based on age, though some adepts who show insight and promise rise to ranks of esteem.
The worship of Shebolleth is usually symbolized with a moccasin, a totem of life’s journey. Some have also adopted a spoked circle , the evocation of the journey never beginning and never ending indicated by the turning wheel.

These are the described tiles found in the Catacombs of the Pyre. Interpretation (and the debate of what counts as correct understanding) is the basis of all dialogue among the faithful of Shebolleth. Some are literalists, some take a more esoteric track in interpreting what was discovered. While they do not discount other gods, they see them only as Shebolleth in other forms or described in other languages and histories, but still all the same.

The twenty tiles of Shebolleth.

Bring our talent forward every day.

Others will know us as truth is unveiled.

Forever comes soon, we will wait until it does.

We cannot walk where the fires fail us.

We are blind for the light we see.

Hunting is to feed us.

Fight for the lost cause.

Rain falls on those with no leaves above them.

Lay down with our light, and breathe it as we leave.

Even with love must we punish and reward.

We are of one to us, and us to them.

If we starve, others may thrive.

We must sleep as we must rise.

We have two hands, two eyes, two ears. 

We climb to the sky to see what we left below.

Our music can never be heard.

We cannot demand of the wind, and only know which way we face to it.

Everything is tied to us.

Our journey will never been done.

Our journey has never begun.

Alignments: CG, CN, LG, NG



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