Squad Tactics Commands

Squad Tactics is the name given to combined tactical commands delivered by the holder of the Squad Leader feat and carried out by the team as dictated by their skill point buy-in.

Squad Leader (General)
You able to grant bonuses and increase success for your team when giving them direct commands

CHA 13, Diplomacy or Intimidate as Class Skill, Profession (soldier) 3 ranks

Characters with the Squad Leader feat are able to give commands to other party members. Characters that have the Profession (soldier) skill and who follow commands gain bonuses and chances at improving their success at critical hits, saves, improving initiative, etc. Commands need to be given in a language both sides understand, but can be a verbal language, a somatic code or system of gestures, or even be given telepathically.

Commands must be followed immediately with the commanded character’s next action. For instance, a character commanded to “Get Some Pressure On That!” must immediately move to perform a heal check on the recipient. Any deviation breaks the command and ends the benfit.

Commands that require attention or position must be followed continuously for the benefit to be gained and maintained. For instance, if a character is commanded to Hold The Line and thereafter breaks their stance, the command must be given again for the bonus to AC to apply.

Commanding is a swift action. Characters giving the command must take a move-equivalent action to make a perception check DC 15 to properly survey the battlefield in order to deliver a command that round. For every five ranks of Profession (soldier), the player is granted a +2 synergy bonus to the Perception check to a maximum of +6. Only one command can be given per round. Commands may be given outside of combat and as long as they are maintained they remain in effect. More than one character can accept the same command, but only one command can be accepted by a character at a time.

Commands that can be given:

Cover Fire!
Acting on this command grants a +1 command bonus to AC for any targets moving under cover fire laid down by another character using a ranged weapon. For every three characters acting on this command, the AC bonus increases by 1, to a maximum of +5. Characters must delay their action and move right after the characters have begun firing.

Fall Back!
Acting on this command grants a +2 command bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity when using the Withdraw full round action.

Get Some Pressure On That!
Acting on this command grants a +5 command bonus to the next heal check meant toward stabilizing a character.

Hold The Line!
Acting on this command grants a +1 command bonus to AC against adjacent enemies engaging the character with melee attacks. Characters obeying this command cannot move from their current square.

Cover Our Asses!
When followed, this command has characters taking rear position of a linear movement or any position from stand still. Movement can be at any speed. Covering characters take 10 with perception. Covering characters get reflex save DC 20, success allowing a partial action of surprise round before combat begins. Combat, or any other action besides observing in cover, ends this command.


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