The Nine Daughters

The Nine Daughters

The Nine Daughters, it is known, were birthed upon the world at a time when it was cursed with the chaos and bedlam of its early existence. The Daughters were brought to be mothers and teachers, sisters and midwives, lovers and rivals to all of the world’s creations from that point on.

The Nine Daughters represent both sides of their aspects, carrying with them the understanding that nothing exists without casting a shadow, nothing survives its battle to escape nothingness without drawing with it the image that it sees in the mirror of itself. Whether worshiping individually as lone pilgrims, in groups as cults and templars, or in massive lay choirs in the largest of churches, their followers can be very devout to one of the aspects of their goddess, or they can be as mercurial as their patron mistress, taking any excuse to show the most beneficial side of her favor as the winds see fit to take her. Some worship several of the Daughters, and plenty pay heed and lay loyalty to them all, delivering the truth that the Daughters are the gifts to the world, for they are the entirety of what the world represents, be it fair or foul.

It is known that the smoldering peaks in Jorldom known as the Nine Daughters, nine volcanic crags that rise thousands of feet above the ice-plagued escarpments leading to the Arkessan White Sea, are the birthplace of the goddesses. The most devout of their adherents are sure to make pilgrimage to gaze upon those holiest of cauldrons, to brave passage to the top of the world and entreat with their faith in its embryonic nativity.

The Nine Daughters Of The World (and their domains)


Vermin, Repose, Plant, Earth, Death, Animal

War, Liberation, Destruction, Glory

Strength, Nobility

Sun, Healing, Fire, Good, Evil, Darkness

Travel, Luck, Charm, Artifice

Trickery, Rune, Madness

Weather, Water, Air, Chaos

Law, Knowledge, Community


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