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RootHome Fantasy Setting
  • Author: Daniel M. Cannon
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The World of Ilya, called "RootHome" by men, was the crown jewel of creation. In the moments after the birth of the Cosmos, The Seven Firstborn powers chose it as their throne. From this paradise of the gods, the powers ruled over the endless choirs of Second Born Spirits and governed all the worlds called into existence by the Named One. But their paradise was not destined to endure.

The coming of Man changed everything. By divine decree, men of earth were brought to RootHome, bringing with them the Curse of Adam--mortality. The world has since grown old, its origins forgotten by all but the oldest elves and dragons. Yet beyond the realms of men mighty powers struggle to regain what was lost.

Legends & Faerie Tales

In the realms of man, life has settled into the era known as the Long Peace. Trade flourishes across the lands. The monsters have been pushed back beyond the edges of civilization. Their memory is now simply myths and legends. Yet some still venture out into the wilds and dark places of the world and take their place among the heroes of old. 

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