• Glopian

  • The amorphous glopians are an ancient race known for their powerful gift of psionics.
  • Human

  • Despite being new to space, humanity is the dominant species in the interstellar neighborhood.
    1. Android
    2. Mutant
  • Mek

  • Evolved robots, meks are difficult for biological creatures to understand.
  • Tayvaak

  • A warrior race, easily offended and slow to forgive, tayvaak are natural enemies of the torm.
  • Torm

  • Aggressive and imperialistic, torms exist in a de facto state of war with all other species.

Other Species

Space is a big place and there are numerous races beyond those detailed here. Some of these are from distant galaxies with technology that far outshines anything known and others are from one of the hundreds of planets in local space. Some of these species are space-faring while others are planet bound. The possibilities are endless. 


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