Bastian Grymnsbee - Captain

Bastian Grymnsbee is a _________


 barrel chested and a bear (physically) of a man.

he's dark skinned (really dark) and exotic with the piercing gray eyes!

-5'11" with weathered skin almost like leather. 

-He's 50-55yrs old. 

-He's got snowy white hair and a long beard which is always neatly kept. 

-He has steely gray piercing eyes 

-He favors warm clothing as if he is always cold usually in dark colors 

-He always has his pipe (scrimshaw carved ivory) close at hand if not in his hand. 


Because he seems to always be cold and his white hair which he has had since his early teens and because of his stoic personality; his crew has given him the nickname of Frostbeard. 


I've  been thinking a lot about my Captain NPC (Bastian Grymnsbee). I was wondering what you though about him having a dark past where he's sold his soul to some dark entity to avoid being devoured by the Great Kraken; thus, he has to sacrifice at least one member of his crew or passenger to the depths to elude his own demise?

Also, I thought another possibility could be that he is truly insane and that he in times of high stress re-lives a battle that he nearly lost his life/ship/entire crew when he was a young, brilliant naval commander? The mechanic for this could be that he goes into a rage-like state or confusion while shouting orders to a crew that doesn't exist; all the while, with a grim, determined stare is his eyes.


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