Approach, Region of - The Last Line

The Approach stands beneath the Wildlands to the north and is the first step of humanity coming to terms with its past defeats and striving to take hold of a glorious new future. The remnant kingdoms of Auredain and Ilaern hold the line against the savagery of the surrounding lands and its inhabitants. Centuries of marshaling their strength and now, in this time, they have begun to reach out again.

Important Locations


The region of the Approach is situated to the east of the center of Western Avalas. It occupies a rare position shared by east and west neighbors of being the most northern borders that butt up against the land lost during the Taking.

To the west is the Expanse, another region of similar character although bearing far less civilization, and its other neighbor is the Periphery of Man which extends eastward to the Grimwall Mountains.

Dain Lake





Domains & States Of The Approach

The Approach has several known centers of civilization including two kingdoms of significant size and two self-governing towns within its boundaries. All of these entities are focused on the southern half of the Approach.

Kingdom of Auredain

The kingdom of Auredain, born of refugees and survivors from a hundred lost kingdoms including that of lost Laurus, were forced to stand their ground when they could go no farther south. Held together by a royal line descended from Laurus itself, the kingdom of Auredain wavered on the knife’s edge of obliteration. Even today, it spreads slowly from the banks of Dain Lake where its capital city and greatest fortification, Heraldsport, hovers over the water as if poised between leaping to their doom and setting foot on dry land once again.


Kingdom of Ilaern


Independent Settlements



The character of Bladepoint can only be described as sly and grasping. it is a town of independents that lays southeast of Auredain and Dain Lake but is connected by the same river network. It has a strong commercial bent and caters to individuals of less character than those doing business in Auredain.  It functions as the regional nexus for the Chainers Guild as well as a mercenary outfit; the Red Dogs.



Redcliff has an almost incredulous reputation for being the most northern settlement in the Approach. Folks speak of the prowess of its soldiers, the power of the mages in the Heptarch's Tower and the courage of the lords that hold its walls against the hordes.

The truth is much different.



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