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Powers Of The Known World

Prime Deities [Powers]

The origin of Prime Deities is unknown and they seem to be on a different tier of might when compared to the Young Gods.

Aracna—The Night Spider, Weaver of Cold Webs

Onos—The Key of Time

Omorion—The Last Judge

Nyx—The Midnight Queen

Young Gods [Powers]

The Young Gods is a general term for deities that have come into prominence since the Titanomachy. The majority of these entities were mortal who ascended in a time of need to fight the Titans. However, a number of demons and other outsiders also gained recognition during this time by fighting against the Titans or assisting mortals in the aftermath. As such, there are several demon lords and powerful spirit dominus that are worshipped or recognized as deities.

Alvernalea—Erda, Mother of Nature and Earth

Anaseta—The Watcher on the Walls

Apophis—The Serpent King

Arinli—The Breaker of Chains

Carotan--The Wanderer

Celaeno—Lady of the Lake

Dis—The Chain Lord

Dovhaga—The Coven-Queen, The First Witch

Emerald Lady—The Arbor Maid

Halion—The Sun King

Ixalias—The Hooded One

Kopus—The Clash of Battle

Kordastis—The Gentle Balm

Korji--Axe of the Vault

Malav—The Savage Claw

Morwa—The Hanged Man

Nalitha—The Treacherous One

Narimor—The Prime-Scholar

Notharios—The Silver Coin

Obsidian Prince

Ojahl—The Virgin Goddess, The Bitter Life

Orcus—The Black Goat and Broken Oath

Pendarus—The Right King

Ranivorus—The Hyena-Lord

Sehket--Queen of Ice and Shadow

Sodoros—The Dark Twin, The Killing Joke

Strangled One—The Abiding

Tarastia—Hand of Truth and Reckoning, The Red Axe, The Sharpened Scale

Tarkhisis—The Dullen Queen

Tolmeti--The Red Queen, Death of CIties


Vali—The Storm King

Valyria—The Passion of Heart and Havoc

Vergamka—Inscriber of Destiny

Pandeiman Lords [Unknown]

The Pandeiman Lords are an unknown quality that has inhabited the world since the Titanomachia. The Lords (although many of them are female) are fickle, callous, cruel, kind and everything in between depending on the encounter and their general demeanor. They can grant great power, knowledge or bestow horrible curses with equal casualness.

Shaitan (Dark Titans)[Diabolics][Powers]

The Fettered (Devils)[Diabolics]

When the Shaitan were cast out, they reached into the darkest realms and drew upon the demonic energy there. Beckoning to the entities within, the Shaitan were able to enlist a great horde of demonic servitors who cast aside their chaotic natures and embraced a rigid hierarchy under the Shaitan due to promises of great power in service. The Fettered are almost unrecognizable, as a group, from their demonic upbringings and favor a single shape and identity. They are, for the most part, cunning betrayers of humanity although when brought

The Unfettered (Demons)[Demonics]

The unchained masses of demonic manifestations that inhabit the darker realms. These forms are too chaotic, too powerful or too mad to have bowed the knee to the Shaitan. They are unbridled change and rage however, they are sometimes safer to summon as they are often loners or obsessed with particular tasks.


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