​Vaehar is an ancient world, attested to by the ruins that dot its surface.  Yet much of it's history is shrouded in mists of the past, and many, even of the occupied cities are diminished, often brutally so.  Cities that once housed millions now house perhaps thousands, perhaps ten thousand, for only ten years has passed since the ending of The War.    The fourth of the Great Wars, where Heaven and Hell fought directly, power to power, along the surface of the world.  And, if the reports from the Dragon's Forge are to be believed, the Star Maker has promised that it will be the last.  But I run ahead of myself.

Here in you will find what we know of Vaehar's history.  Of the High Kingdom of Kianmar, of the Jihdar Empire, and all the lands we have managed to discover word of, but the world is vast.  There is always more to discover, and while much has been lost due to each of the four Great Wars, much was only lost and lies in ancient vaults, protected by decaying spells to be found.  The truth is difficult to destroy.

Oh, and lest you should think the Star Maker promised an end all war, I give you the warning given to me by Ushendiel and Miakel themselves.  Wars will occur as long as there is evil in the world, but Hell is chained and limited.  There will never be such a great war again.  Perhaps never again a Great War, but I cannot read that.  Merely that Heaven and Hell are restrained, and shall fight one another from Shadows.  And if you ask why they must fight at all, you have not seen evil, my children.  I pray to the Star Maker himself.   To Dehria, to whom he has given the provenance of Redemption, that you are much older before ever you encounter the true nature of evil.

But these are the lessons of history.  Do not try to change them, some say history repeats, but that is not wholly so... simply mistakes repeat when mortals do not watch for them.  And like repeats in a poem... history may rhyme.  ~Father Aleksandre Svetvitov


A note on dates.  Current dates are in 'AW' or "After War".  Most countries have gone with that reckoning though many call it different things.  The date of the New Year is the anniversary of the Dragon's Forge as the Forge's Sealing was felt across all the universe, and all the planes.  Other dates are WR or War Reckoning for events during The War, as dated by the fall of the Capitol of High Kianmar, and PW or Pre-War.  Most schollars use this reckoning for new work, but many other dating schemes can be found based on the other Wars.  To the point some documents can be dated with relative accuracy just by the method of dating they use to refer to events.
Over all timeline can be found here:

Age of Dragons

Sparked by the destruction of Asear'sul, the Daori Elves first struck back against the demons and their creations.  The Ahed'vara, more reluctant to battle and healers by nature, joined them as the great suffering being inflicted became apparent.

Age of Titans

This age saw the first  giants appear on the face of the world.  Faint records of noble Giant folk have been left, though much of what survives does so because younger races have found their works to be good and used and maintained them over the milennia.

The Fallen Age

Evil has always existed, but this era saw it begin to walk openly in its full power, to dare Heaven to banish it.  Abominations and Aberrations, and twisted creations of evil magic were here unleashed upon the world, attempts by Hell to duplicate, rather than simply twist, the works of the Star Maker.  It was in this age that the Daori and Ahed'vara elves were first recorded, and their progenitors, the Amaeorda, were recorded no more.

The First Great War

Sparked by the destruction of Asear'sul, the Daori Elves first struck back against the demons and their creations.  The Ahed'vara, more reluctant to battle and healers by nature, joined them as the great suffering being inflicted became apparent.

The First Peace

A time of relative peace is joined, yet there is also much to mourn, and the peoples, both the old and those newly formed because of the War, seek to build lives for themselves in the mistaken belief that the battle is won.

The Second Great War

The Second Great War was sparked when the servants of Anzhelu manipulated the Orcish Emperor into attacking a Daori settlement and their human allies.

Age of Suspicion

After the devastation of the Second Great War, the empires that had been tried to pull themselves together, and the Dwarves first appeared... and retreat from the other races for reasons best known to themselves.  The retreat of the Dwarves was to be marked by a general separation of race from race, and culture from culture after the dissent sewn by the demons.

The Third Great War

In which five great heroes, sacrifice themselves to create the final artifact, and use it to once more banish the demons.

Age of Rebuilding

Determined not to repeat the mistakes of the Age of Suspicion, most kingdoms tried to pull themselves together, and from the cobbled remains, of old empires two new ones rose: The High Kingdom of Kianmar which put an end to the northern strife, and the Jihdar empire who did the same in the south.

The Fourth Great War

Begun with the destruction of the Capitol High Kingdom of Kianmar and the death of the High King.  This war was the longest of the Great Wars, and the victory most dearly bought.  Yet in that victory, there is a promise of something more lasting.

The Age of Renewal

The world of Vaehar holds its breath.  After four Wars, most people are convinced there will be another, yet the Wars are so far apart, most are also convinced it will not be in their life time.   It is 10 years after the Forge, and it is this world into which we step.


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