The Fold

The Fold

240 AN

Orcus is dead. The Raven Queen has been restored to power. The threat that Starfire posed has been averted.

The Fold lived in relative peace for 22 years. Then came the Great Silencing. Temples went days without prayers answered. Then weeks. Months. After a year of no word from the gods, the spiritual leaders made their claims. For the last 11 years, we have heard not a breath from the divine beings we once worshipped. ​

"The world as we know it, has grown dark. Our empire, once proud and glorious, now lay in ruins. Since the dawn of mankind, we warred with anyone and everyone to see our kingdoms rise to glory. Merely, a century ago, our civilization had finally reached its pinnacle. Now, look around you. Darkness. Ruins. Evil. But it will not defeat us.”

“We look for the points of light in the darkness. We must turn to our brothers in the mountains and forests. We’re no longer enemies. But we are hunted. Change that.

Show them that we are the hunters. We are the architects of the new world and evil is not part of our Grand Design. Join others and fight to build a new world. Its up to you."


207 AN

The world we live in is one of magic and excitement. Cities and towns cover the various continents of our world as civilizations everywhere try and make some sense of the lives they live. The fall of the Nerathi Empire was roughly 200 years ago and that can only mean one thing. Civilizations and races are fighting for power. An impending war faces our time. Much above the worries of this war however, are the worries of a more recent threat. One known only as Starfire is gathering power. This “power of the stars” is rumored to challenge the very power of the gods. Will it affect the war? Will it end the war? Only true heroes will be able to trace his path and discover his power…


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