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The Conflict Plot taking place within the Del Río Rainforest Territory.

Due to the fact that among the matriarchy society of Chucky's People,  Male Oracle more often than not be over whelmed and corrupted by the darker sides of the spirits that their society are so intertwined with like Yin & yang Male Oracles are the darker more evil guided individuals and females tend to be the more good or neutral balanced effected by said spirits.  

The concept of what takes place and drives Chucky from his home land will have a focus upon 2 separate goals,

  • First to Retrieve a Key Artifact that his/ her peoples use to bound their Oracle leaders to the Spirits that protect the city know as "The Spirit Heart"  This object like stone having been stolen from the kingdom leaves the people subject to the dangers of the Rain forest because the protective Mist if the spirit vale doesn't have a focuses point to form around any longer.  

The point of the stones theft is that the soul of the last Male Oracle who had been born and rained destruction down upon the Sagali people found one of his own kin his own blood, who he could commune with while she ventured beyond the vale  of the spirit mist.  With her aid he could be resurrected with the "Spirit Heart" also once he had gained new life and would posses the Relic he could manipulate the Mists into a vale that would allow evil spirits and corrupt souls to take form and reenter the world of mortals.

  • Goal Number 2 track down leads on the wear about of this corrupted member of the Sagali who is kin to the evil Oracle, and where she has spirited the Spirit Heart to, in her attempt to re-boned the evil soul to its body.


  • Goal 3 return the Spirit Heart to his/her people so that once more they spirits will return to protect the city and its people.

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