The Sunken City

Sydney--an overgrown, partly sunken city. Buildings and skyscrapers are falling apart, either by themselves or from the falling bombs at the end of the golden age that was. Swamps and river infested with alligators now occupy that which used to be streets. Toxic, hungry vegetation eats away at everything. It is always raining, and when it is not, there is the thick fog that make it impossible to notice the alligator and enormous snakes before they are all over you. Beyond the city lies only the scorched desert. Perhaps someone lives out there, who knows and who cares?

The inhabitants scavenge in the buildings, hunt the alligators for skin and meat and fight over scraps and dry-zones. They get around on whatever they can find that floats. A lucky few has access to real boats, even ones with electric motors. Wind turbines and solar panel provide the energy needed. When the makeshift pieces-of-crap work that is.

Sydney used to be ruled by the Hardholder Barnum. But he disappeared recently. Perhaps he is dead, nobody seems to know. His gangs has scattered and people are worried. Who will fill the vaccum?

The Hocus, preaching the gospel of the Brainworms? The Chopper and his violent bastards who rides through the city on jetskis? The influential Maestro D´? What will the mysterious Battlebabe/Faceless do? And the Angel, will he broker peace or claim power for himself?

Then there´s the Sub-people who arrived in a huge black submarine shortly after Barnum went missing. Where they came from is unclear but what is certain is that they are desperate for supplies and extremely well armed.


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