Three Fold Throne

Welcome to your new District! This is your setting's home page, and the first thing people will see when they visit. Make sure it looks great. 

We've structured World Builder so that it groups similar things together. There are seven categories, but we've started you off with these three: 

  • Atlas Entries are intended to be used for actual places in your world: galaxies, planets, cities, dungeons, taverns, etc. 
  • Inhabitants are meant to catalog the living creatures of your world: races such as elves, dwarves, or humans; animals; or even specific people. 
  • Lore Records are intended to tell the story of your world.

When you're ready, you can also delve into these categories: 

  • Religions are meant to capture the faiths in your world. 
  • Deities work hand-in-hand with Religions and are where you define the actual gods. 
  • Planes function just like Atlas Records, but are intended for places other than the mortal realm. 
  • House Rules, finally, are where you can capture game rules specific to your setting. 

You can use the different record types and pages any way you want, of course, but this tells you what we were thinking when we set it all up. 


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