The Tale of Crerawyn & Nydilal

  • Parent: Mythology
  • Source: Excerpt from the Gapelus by the epic writer Loracane

The celebration following the creation of the human soul line was, and remains, the most magnificent party in history.  It was given to Crerawyn to orchestrate this bash and no one was disappointed with the masterwork he orchestrated.  So magnificent was the party that Nydilal, the Mother of Humanity, looked out at the revelers from her place at Miraumar's side and noticed Crerawyn.  After but three glasses of wine, each delivered to the mistress personally, she rose from the side of her lover and stepped down from the throne, brushing up against Crerawyn seductively as she passed out of the celebration hall and into her personal chambers.  With a quick glance over his shoulder at Miraumar, who was engrossed in conversation, and a longing look at the retreating Nydilal, Crerawyn followed as a lost puppy.  Soon they had reached her bedchambers and disappeared within.

While the two new lovers were in the thralls of passion and lust the door burst open and upon the stoop stood Miraumar, flames leaping from his glowing eyes.  In an instant, and hurried by a great bellow from Miraumar, the lovers were on their feet cowering and begging for forgiveness.  It was then, with his lover Nydilal unclothed and just removed from the arms of Crerawyn, that Miraumar did something quite unexpected.  With a snort he turned from the chamber, closing the door behind him, and returned to the party below.  

The following day the divine court was abuzz with murmur and gossip for the one question on every mind was why didn't Miraumar banish Crerawyn.  Rumors spread like wildfire and though none spoke of it many turned their ears to the quiet words of Saeth, "Look now ye gods, with what anger did Miraumar turn towards Nydilal?  None.  And with what anger did Miraumar turn towards Crerawyn?  None.  It was hurt, as a knife through his heart but it was not the silky sweet Nydilal that hurt Miraumar, nay, it was Crerawyn.  Look and learn, for the answer is before you."


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