A Note For People Who Aren't My Players

  Union is a world setting created by me for use in my D&D 5th edition campaigns. For those familiar with D&D parlance, it is more or less a variation of the common "points of light" template put forward in 4e. Everything included in this wiki is intended for player reference, not as a comprehensive guide to the setting. Further, much of what is included is relevant only to Beyond the Boundless Dark, my current ongoing campaign.
  As with many DMs, the vast majority of my ideas are lifted directly from my favourite books, movies, and videogames. If I see something that can help to improve or refine my game, it gets assimilated. Occasionally, I will change it just enough to obscure the source. Occasionally, I will amplify some recognizable features to serve as a homage. In all cases, if you recognize something here and suspect I've stolen it from a sharper mind, you are almost certainly right.
  Also, (almost) none of the artwork here is mine. If I have used an image on this wiki, it is purely for attractive set dressing. If I have taken an image and altered it, it is always to give the images a uniform appearance throughout the wiki and never to claim it as my own. The exception to this is my maps. All maps here are my own, created by me in Photoshop or Campaign Cartographer. If you want to check out more, I occasionally post at the Cartographer's Guild (link below). If you want to get in contact with me, follow the link to my twitter. Feel free to look around.
-Handsome Unlimited



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