Ardrinei Elorni - f, elf druid

Ardrinei Elorni

Ardrinei Elorni is a cheerful elf Servant of the Goddess who enjoys singing and playing in the rain. 

Ardrinei Elorni (are-dri-nay ee-lorn-eye) has lived in Erien for years. She spends most of her time in the spring and fall traveling throughout Eastdale, blessing the crops, and it is because of her labors that the area's crops flourish.


Elegant, gentle, and practical. Ardrinei is an elf and possessed of all the grace of her heritage. She has blonde hair and fair skin and rarely wears shoes. She favors dresses of earth tones, preferring a rich green to all others and often wears a traveling cloak. 


Kind, playful, and convicted. Ardrinei takes her role as a Servant of the Goddess very seriously, and to her that service extends beyond nature to the people that live in the valley. She is filled with an abiding love for all living things, be they human, animal, insect, or plant. 

Where is Ardrinei


Prosperity for all. Ardrinei wishes to see happiness and harmony in all things and works day and night to do what she can to foster this end. Many think of her as naive, but the truth is more complicated. She is a servant of nature, and understands all too well its fickle whims and heartlessness. 


Gardening. Although her busy schedule affords her little time for it, Ardrinei tends a small garden at her shrine in Erien. She never uses her magic on this garden, preferring to see it thrive or wither based only on her works. 


In Erien

Ardrinei lives at a small shrine tucked in a copse of trees across from Wrathclaw Tower. Wild animals often visit her, and everyone in town knows to leave them be or risk the druids wrath. 


  • Forester Cale and Ardrinei maintain a cool relationship with one another. Ardrinei takes issue with his insistence that Zaran Wood is property of Amore. 
  • Though not precisely a rivalry, Ardrinei dislikes Tsarian Vidaos, who expresses what Ardrinei sees as an infatuation with the Slaughter of Angels. 


  • The root of Ardrinei's dispute with Cale lies in a secret she's never revealed: she is an Eldrinael Elf!
  • Ardrinei is actually a member of the Dur'rahh and her continued work on behalf of Eastdale is all intended to endear her to the people of Amore so she can spy for the Dur'rahh. 


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