Elbi Glittergold - f, gnome

Elbi Glittergold is a gnome scribe and illustrator who loves to read and is working on her masterpiece, the complete illuminated works of Trilbi Trem.


Hardworking, elegant, and practical. Elbi strikes a contrast to her expensively dressed husband, choosing simple monochromatic linen robes and a barbette. Her fingers are perpetually stained black from the inks she works with and she usually has a smudge or two on her face as well. 


Driven, creative, and open. Elbi pours herself into her work, spending long hours ensuring every jot and tittle is precisely where it belongs. Her favorite projects are those where the customer gives her considerable artistic freedom. 


Complete her masterpiece. Elbi is working on translating to the common tongue, and illuminating, the complete works of Trilbi Trem, a gnomish philosopher of considerable renown.


Reading. Elbi is a voracious reader, favoring works on serious topics such as politics, philosophy, and morality. 


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Attribution: Valley of the Kings by Embers Design Studios; Elbi Glittergold by Lea Hall and Lucas Curell


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