Elbi's Images - Shop

A colorful wooden sign, with a picture of a ring, necklace and several gems, proclaims this two-story structure as Elbi's Images. Through large open shutters several exquisite pieces are clearly visible, sitting on small, richly appointed cushions atop ornate wooden stands. 

Glittergold Consortium

The gnomes Orben and Elbi Glittergold jointly run this small shop located on the northern side of Erien. They keep a well stocked workshop in the rear and a cozy apartment on the second floor. A sturdy cart is stored behind their home, along with a pen for their draft mule Agate. 

As the only Glittergold Consortium storefront in Eastdale, Elbi's Images receives regular traffic from across the dale. A typical day at Elbi's Images will see 3-4 customers stop in to work with the Glittergold's on their order. 

Once a month, a heavily guarded consortium wagon brings supplies and completed customer orders.  


Elbi's Images deals in all manner of decorative gemcutting, woodwork, stonework, and metalcraft. As a master goldsmith, Orben is able to do some orders on site, but the Glittergolds spend most of their time with Orben working up an illusion and Elbi transcribing it into detailed plans to be sent back to Ptah for manufacture. 

They keep a few exemplars in their shop, occasionally magical pieces, and are always willing to sell to the right buyer. 

Adventure Hooks

  • Characters are hired by Orben and Elbi to escort a particularly important shipment back to Ptah but along the way they cross paths with Droktael goblin raiders. 
  • Olbrador Greenroot has made a dire prediction, in three weeks Elbi will fall sick and die without the aid of the Eldrinael healer Aenor. Orben is willing to give anything to the characters to find Aenor and save Elbi. 


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