Elia Weaver - f, human

Elia is an energetic human weaver poised to enter her 60s who treats the children of Erien as her own. 


Common, spry, and modest. Elia wears simple garb of exception quality, most of which she creates. She has long, graying hair which she is fond of braiding in elaborate patterns, a trick which has caught the eye of more than a few of the village girls, who seek her out to braid their hair as well. When she walks, which she does often, it is with a straight back and easy smile. 


Welcoming, humble, and shy. Elia is a kind woman who cares deeply for the people of Erien, especially the children. She conceals a wistful sadness over not having a child of her own, but her generosity and good nature are her defining traits. Around men, especially strangers, she is bashful and even awkward at times. She is humble about her work, despite it obviously being of the highest caliber.



See Erien's children grow and have children of their own. Elia was born to Alart and Orella Elentris. Her father died when Elia was quite young, and she learned her trade from her mother. Due to her intense shyness, and dedication to her work, she never allowed herself time to be courted. Now, in her latter years, she delights in watching the children of Erien grow, find joy in their lives, and start families of their own. 


Storytelling. Elia is a weaver of cloth by day and words by night. On warm, summer nights just before dark, the children gather on her porch for "story time." In the beginning, she told simple legends known to most adults in town, but as the years have worn on she's picked up bits of lore and stories from bards and adventurers that have passed through town. She is always careful to change the darker parts of her story to keep them fit for children. 

In Erien

Elia lives and works out of her family home, putting in long hours. Everyday she takes a break to go for a walk through town, or the nearby hills or countryside, keeping a pocketful of small candies for any children she encounters. At night she can often be found on her porch or in the taproom of Greenbriar, surrounded by children, weaving a captivating tale that captures their imaginations. 

Several years ago, when Lancet and Aubry Bedune were left orphaned after a goblin raid on Erien, Elia took them in an cared for them. As a result, the children, now adults, would do virtually anything for Elia who they see as a surrogate mother. 


  • Although Elia has no rivals, she holds a dim view of Silion, who is responsible for the deaths of Lancet and Aubry's parents. She knows he regrets the incident but has not been able to shake a general dislike of him since. Silion is the one man in the village with whom she is not shy, instead she has become quite angry with him on more than one occasion. 


  • Few people lower themselves to gossip about Elia, but there are occasional rumors that spring up speculating that she is barren. 


Elia considers her life a blessing and a gift from the gods, one she refuses to waste. Some of the townsfolk pity her, given her great love of children but lack of her own, but Elia has long-ago concluded that any sadness she may feel is outstripped by the love she holds for the children of Erien and the happiness she is able to bring them. 


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