Erien - Village

  • Parent: Eastdale
  • Classification: Village
  • Government: Autocracy (remote noble lord with a local bailiff)
  • Population: 350 (45% townsfolk, 55% homesteaders)
  • Exports: blueberies, cheeries, lumber, pumpkins, wheat, wool

The village of Erien is a quiet, prosperous town located on the southeastern edge of settled lands and within the demesne of Lord Kelvor Wrothe. Erien is known for its extraordinarily bountiful farmland and its booming lumber trade. Newcomers to the village cannot miss the forty-foot tall stone tower that dominates its skyline nor the impressive manor house Lord Wrothe keeps atop a hillock overlooking the village. 


Most buildings in Erien are simple wattle and daub structures with thatch roofs and no windows. They tend towards single-story homes with a small loft where the family sleeps. Many have gardens and a few have barns for goats and chickens. Within the village proper well-maintained cobblestone roads keep the mud and dirt down and beyond town limits these roads turn to hard-packed dirt that holds up well even in the spring rains. 

Erien's Activity

Daily Life

Life in Erien communal. They tend to three large fields as well as a sizable herd of sheep. Time not spent in these shared affairs is used for repairing their houses and tools or seeing to personal gardens. Most have only 1-2 hours of leisure time in any given day and at least part of this is spent in honor of the Goddess. 

​The rowdy, rambunctious lumberjacks sent to Erien to work the timber trade strike a contrast to the quiet, friendly townsfolk. These men and women spend five days in work camps inside Zaran and then return to Erien for two nights of drunken debauchery. Most locals avoid Greenbriar during these days. 


Everyone in Erien worships the Goddess. Their faith is unshakeable, helped along by the fact that the local Servant of the Goddess spends weeks every spring traveling throughout the region calling on the Goddess to bless the fields. Harvests were always bountiful in the rich farmland but since this began they exploded. 

Religions from the outside world are accepted as a fact of life and a few missionaries have attempted to found temples in Erien thus far to little success. Locals offer these outsiders and their gods differential respect but rarely much more. 


When this land was gifted to the Wrothe family generations ago it was rich with mineral wealth but when the veins dried up Erien was forced to remake itself, transforming from a busy mining village into an agricultural powerhouse. This success has come thanks in no small part to the efforts of Ardrinei Elorni, a Servant of the Goddess and resident of Erien. Ardrinei spends most of her time during planting traveling from field-to-field using her magic to bless the land and ensure a bountiful harvest.

A booming lumber trade, mostly ignored by locals, also thrives in Erien. Most of the forestry work is handled by outside workers hired in distant cities and sent to Erien where they spend the spring, summer and fall months at hard labor before returning home for the winter. These rough-and-tumble lumberjacks ensure the Greenbriar stays busy and give both the sheriff and forester fits. 


  • Ardrinei Elorni

    Ardrinei Elorni is a cheerful elf Servant of the Goddess who enjoys singing and playing in the rain.
  • Elbi Glittergold

    Elbi Glittergold is a gnome scribe and illustrator who loves to read and is working on her masterpiece, the complete illuminated works of Trilbi Trem.
  • Elia Weaver

    Elia is an energetic human weaver poised to enter her 60s who treats the children of Erien as her own.
  • Hamund Erlance

    Hamund is a middle-aged human salt prospector looking to make it big and willing to follow any lead no matter how crazy.
  • Minendil Umbalin

    Minendil is a self-important human aristocrat who enjoys falconing.
  • Olbrador Greenroot

    Olbrador Greenroot is a gnome oracle in his middle years who has an understated, yet granitic penchant for looking after the welfare of others – as sometime healer, as spiritual guide, as interceding town citizen.
  • Orben Glittergold

    Orben Glittergold is a gnome illusionist and master goldsmith who enjoys socializing and the politics of business.
  • Selador Carn

    Selador is a quiet, sad man in his late twenties who enjoys working with his hands and being under the open sky.
  • Silion Tuldaril

    Silion Tuldaril is an aging human wizard who loves reading and creating model ships.
  • Tsarian Vidaos

    Tsarian is a venerable elf with a streak of materialism and a love of art.


  • Elbi's Images

    Erien's jewelry shop and the only Glittergold Consortium storefront in all Eastdale.
  • Greenbriar Tavern

    The only inn and tavern in Erien, Greenbriar maintains a large common room for the occasional town visitor.
  • Melodies Roost

    Erien's general store is a large, single-story building of wood with heavy locks and sturdy shutters.
  • Wrathclaw Tower

    This three-story stone building is the tallest structure in Erien and home to the wizard Silion Tuldaril.
  • Wrothe Manor

    A large manor house sits atop a low hill overlooking the town.

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