Geography - Sites

  • Ebon Hazar

  • Once called the Lake of Calm with waters that rivaled those of Lake Crisar, Ebon Hazar has slowly transformed into the vile, fetid tarn that it is today. Now this scar upon the land sends its poisonous tendrils out turning everything near it to decay.
  • Forest of Tarany

  • A thick forest blanketing the southeastern reaches of the vale. Herein live some of the most dangerous creatures inside the vale including ogres, goblins, kobolds, orcs and worse.
  • Lake Crisar

  • The crystal clear waters of Lake Crisar are said to have gained their perfect clarity after the Goddess bathed in them. Whether this is truth or myth matters little to the people of Amore who deal harshly with any that dare pollute these waters.
  • Zaran Wood

  • A thick, deciduous forest blankets the northeast valley known as the Zaran Wood, an unspoiled natural habitat home to insular elves.

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