Goddess - Neutral Good

  • Parent: Deities
  • Titles: Goddess, Forgotten Hero, Mother
  • Portfolios: Bravery, kindness, nature, purity, patron of druids
  • Domains: Good, Sun, Moon, Earth, Fire, Water, Air
  • Symbol: Sun rising over a lake
  • Favored Weapon: Scimitar

As in life, so to in death. The Goddess does not seek to tell others how they should live, instead she encourages all people to turn inward and hear the quiet whisper of their soul. Those who would honor her, honor the ways she holds dear: 

  • Respect, nurture, and protect nature
  • Respect, honor, and love all people 
  • Be vigilant for evil is always near 

Physical Description

When she chooses to appear, the Goddess usually takes the form of a beautiful elven woman or a magnificent human. In either form she has golden hair and perfect skin that seems to shine with the light of a predawn morning. Her beauty is such that many who look upon her will stand for hours, long after she has departed, marveling at their glimpse of perfection.

On other occasions the Goddess takes the form of a mighty silver dragon with scales that glitter blindingly in the light of the sun. In this form she is both beautiful and terrible to behold, for she rarely takes on her draconic cloak unless she means to do battle.


The people of the valley, both those in the cities and in the wilds, have flocked to the worship of the Goddess and it is truly rare to encounter anyone who doesn't venerate her. Even those that follow the gods common in the outer lands typically include the Goddess among those deities to whom they pray.

Most of her “priests” are actually druids. They are called Servants of the Goddess and are afforded great respect from all people of the valley. Recently, a sect broke away from the Servants of the Goddess. These druids call themselves the Dur’ahh, and they see the expansion of civilization as a blight upon the natural world and an assault on the Goddess.


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