Hamund Erlance

Hamund Erlance

Hamund is a middle-aged human salt prospector looking to make it big and willing to follow any lead no matter how crazy. 


Rugged, weathered, and hard working. Hamund looks every bit the prospector. No stranger to manual labor, his arms are thick and his skin tanned. He dresses in worn, brown leathers.


Autonomous, carefree, and daring. Hamund is a free-spirit, with few ties to others, and an explorers soul. He relies on others only when he must, and is not afraid to take a chance. 


Excitement and wealth. Hamund wants money and loves the rush he gets at the idea of a new mine. He isn't looking for a handout. He wants to scratch his retirement from the ground with his own two hands. 


Cards and gambling. When he isn't running down a lead, Hamund loves to get a good game of Dragon Ace or Eight Goblin Bounty going in the local tavern. 

In Erien

Hamund drifts across the valley chasing rumors. Most recently, he finds himself in Erien having caught wind of a rich salt vein somewhere in the mountains between the Old Erien Mines and Fetid Bog. He's looking to put together an expedition to head out there. 


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