• Parent: Deities
  • Titles: Bog Lord
  • Alignment: Evil
  • Followers: Any Evil
  • Domains: Death, Evil, Tyranny
  • Symbol: Gauntlet
  • Favored Weapon: Scourge

Krotus is a spirit of evil and the patron deity of hags. It demands cruelty and submission from those who would call upon its might. Krotus' precepts are legion, but among them are:

  • In the tortured cries of others find joy 
  • Purity and righteousness should be despoiled 
  • Kill the helpless, consume the young, wear the flesh of your victims 

Krotus is a manifestation of the malice and evil of hags the world over. Hags both worship and demand worship from Krotus. It is slave to their whims as they are to its desires. Other evil humanoids worship Krotus for the immense power the spirit holds. 


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