Melodies Roost - General Store

A wooden sign, bearing the words "Melodies Roost" and depicting a silhouette of a satyr dancing along playing pipes while music notes drift through the air behind him, welcomes visitors to Erien's general store. 

Melodies Roost is a large, single story building with wooden walls, a heavy oak door, strong wooden shutters, and sturdy locks at every entrance. It is from here that Tsarian Vidaos conducts her business.

The shop itself consists of a smallish room towards the front of the building with a large storeroom next door. Tsarian lives in an attached apartment accessible both from the street and the shop. 

Products and Services

Melodies Roost keeps a healthy stock of supplies on hand with an eye towards stock needed by the towns farmers and also gear common to exploring the nearby forests, bogs, and mountains. 

Her prices are fair, but steep, and she is a tough haggler. She never pays a copper over half of any items value for goods brought to her, but she go higher when dealing in store credit. The only exception to this is artwork, for which she will pay a premium if she likes the work.  

In addition to the buying and selling of general goods Tsarian offers several other services to her customers including:

  • Money changing (between coins and gems)
  • Money lending (only to those she is certain will pay her back) 
  • Messaging (through her Many Merry Merchants connections)

Adventure Hooks

  • Tsarian was expecting delivery of a valuable magical relic but it is overdue. Last night visitors to town were talking about a burned out caravan they passed north of Crestwall. Tsarian fears this may be her cargo and asks the characters to investigate. 
  • When rumors spring up about a dragon raiding the nearby farms, angry townsfolk suspect Tsarian. A mob forms to drive her out of town. 
  • A lumberjack named Priorm brings word of newly discovered elven ruins in Zaran Wood. Tsarian needs mercenaries to explore and is willing to pay handsomely for recovered art.


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