Minendil Umbalin - noble

Minendil Umbalin
  • Parent: NPCs
  • Home: Wrothe Manor
  • Coat of Arms: Griffon and fleur-de-lis on a purple field
  • Family: Wife (Rohesia), children (Richa 10, Bernard 8, Remi 4)

Minendil is a self-important human aristocrat who enjoys falconing. 


Regal, meticulous, and clean. Minendil favors blues and reds in his clothing and takes great care to ensure he is dressed according to his station. He keeps his hair neat and trimmed and wears a well-groomed mustache and goatee.


Arrogant, haughty, and intelligent. Minendil believes he is more important and smarter than others. He is accustomed to giving orders and being obeyed and only through great force of will humbles himself before his superiors. 


Personal power. Minendil wants influence and power. He chafes under the restrictions put upon him by society, his station, and the law. He believes he knows what is best in every situation.


Falconing. Minendil enjoys the time he spends in his mew training prize falcons. It is perhaps the only place he truly feels comfortable and at ease. 

In Erien

Minendil spends most of his time the Wrothe Manor, but he also keeps a modest home in the village for the few days a year when Wrothe visits. 

Most townsfolk find him haughty and proud but they appreciate his even hand and fair leadership. 


  • Sheriff Anissa and Minendil rarely agree on anything. Anissa accuses Minendil of favoritism and bribery, charges which he dismisses off-hand and he accuses her of being on a witch-hunt against him.  
  • Aiken Peytr, a local pig farmer, nurses a grudge against Minendil for the bailiff's decision in a dispute between Aiken and his neighbor. The issue involved Aiken's loss of four hogs and Minendil decided in favor of the neighbor. 


  • Minendil has taken a lover in Westweed and during his frequent days-long absences he can be found with her. 


Born to peasant farmers, Minendil was never happy with the life of a commoner. At a young age he befriended Kelvore Wrothe, the local lord's son, and through this friendship got his first glimpse of noble life. Thanks to Wrothe money, Minendil left Erien and studied in distant universities. He would likely never have returned to Erien but for his appointment to bailiff, a position that affords him a life of luxury and power. 


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