Olbrador Greenroot

Olbrador Greenroot is a gnome oracle in his middle years who has an understated, yet granitic penchant for looking after the welfare of others – as sometime healer, as spiritual guide, as interceding town citizen.


Neat, unpretentious, and practical. In spite of his rather limited fortune, Olbrador manages to appear well put together at most times with sensible, high quality clothes and his pack seemingly forever slung over his shoulder. By those who choose to see rather than merely look, his brilliant green eyes have both staunch compassion and a smidge of ferocity to them.


Shy, ungainly, and warm. Uncharacteristic of his race, Olbrador is beset with a timidity and awkwardness that makes it challenging for visitors and even the other residents to fully get to know him. Yet for those who spare the time and have a bit of patience, they learn that he is not just a gentle soul and erudite in many matters, but is, as well, a gifted healer and powerful seer.


Vibrancy of community. For those who are good of heart, who wish to live in harmony with the natural world and their fellow Eastdale residents, Olbrador’s character seeks to make a more abundant community. His outlook is one that honors the creatures of the wilds just as he honors sentient beings, wishing them prosperity and contentment that is arrived at on their own terms.


Magical crystals. With a foundation of respect for stonework, gemcrafting, and for stones proper, the retiring oracle has a fondness for crystals and for those that possess a magical quality in particular. He is a cautious, but ardent collector.


In Erien

Olbrador’s powers and connection to his pantheon have demands that require him to spend long stretches of time in solitude; in his home, in the woods that he cherishes so much. Yet while there are salient shades of the hermit, he recognizes the responsibilities of his role and, truth to tell, enjoys his periodic forays into town, field, and tavern and especially esteems the time spent at Elbi’s Images where he engages both Elbi and Orben in long discussions of art and craft.

However it is with Silion Tuldaril that Olbrador has the most open-armed and abiding relationship. Although he lacks Silion’s breadth of knowledge and Silion is bereft of Olbrador’s proclivity for inspired insight, the two are fast friends who could and do spend literal days discussing magical, historical, and religious lore and, of course, eating.

Notwithstanding, one of the most peculiar associations that this imposing gnome has in Erien is with Sheriff Anissa. Because his belief in the necessity of some form of justice and his absolute refusal to give up on the common welfare, sometimes the interests of Sheriff Anissa and Olbrador map together with perfect exactitude. They make for quite a strange pair indeed, but the two functioning as one can be intimidating in the extreme.


Because of his residing mostly behind the scenes and his customarily amiable ways, Olbrador is either looked fondly upon or dismissed as an inappropriate annoyance. This is not the case when it comes to Bailiff Umbalin, however, who sees the influential gnome as a challenge to and perhaps usurper of his authority, however much unsought. His habit for disregarding “on the books” laws and shirking tradition in his idealistic pursuits is much, much more than distasteful to Umbalin. It is manifestly threatening.


  • It is known that Olbrador has a certain affection for magic crystals, but these very same crystals are warping his mind and are the true source of his gifts.
  • In spite of all appearances to the contrary, the ofttimes reticent gnome is in league with the Wardens and his woodland meanderings give him opportunity to venerate them in private.


The mystical gnome has spent the bulk of his 92 years feeling a bit disjointed from the folks around him and this includes family and community members – whether in his ancestral home or now in Erien. Yet, he is also a paradox – a genial hermit who is worldly on a number of matters and who has a deep concern for the general populace. As well, the powerful bond that he has with his small clutch of friends roots him profoundly in both Erien and Ptah. These he emphatically and staunchly treasures.

Still, it is a trying life that Olbrador sometimes must endure. Traveling between his Ptah homeland and his adopted town, his ability as a prognosticator has, by turns, been received with both joy and frustration with both being due to the fact that he is invariably right.

Needless to say, the combined weight of this and his robust propensity for heterodoxy has caused him to inadvertently step on the toes of many a cleric. But, no matter the grief and discomfort experienced, the resilient Olbrador has found it nigh impossible to be thrown off his path even if this means he is at overt odds with prominent figures from local congregations or religious orders.

Truth be told, the core of it is that Olbrador follows his own path in terms of deities, worshiping a mixture of gnomish, other humanoid deities, and gods that only he is in contact with. This is not to say that he does not acknowledge and give reverence to the Goddess as he most certainly does. It’s just that his palette is larger when it comes to the scope of the divinities that he honors - in Eastdale, maybe uniquely larger.

Yet, in spite of all that besets him, Olbrador respects his role, reveres his gifts and powers, and has graciously accepted his place in society, the weight of destiny.


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