Orben Glittergold - m, gnome illusionist

Orben Glittergold is a gnome illusionist and master goldsmith who enjoys socializing and the politics of business.


Wealthy, cosmopolitan, and sophisticated. Orben is tall, for a gnome, with sandy-blonde hair and an exaggerated round nose. His excessive sidewhiskers and smallish goatee coupled with the tights, fancy silk coat, long-toed shoes, and prodigious gold jewelry mark him as a gnome of some means that would be comfortable in a king's hall.



Self-assured, inquisitive, and proud. Orben believes the work he and his wife do for the Glittergold Consortium is outstanding and this pride is never more apparent than when he's working with a customer, using his illusions to craft the perfect piece for them.


Prosperity and happiness. Orben derives great joy from his work with his wife, crafting the perfect piece for their customers and adjusting the illusion until the customer says, "That would be perfect!". He's never more at peace than during the hours they spend in their workshop turning these designs into finished products. He wants for little more than enough coin to live a long, happy life.


Cooking. Orben loves to create things, and while he spends most of his days working with images, he derives great pleasure from cooking up exotic meals for Elbi and their guests. His specialty is roasted Greenroot, a rare tuber found only around Erien. 


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